Spize Siglap (Closed)

Spize Siglap is a spiffy new outlet of the local restaurant chain known for its value-for-money local & Mediterranean food. The casual restaurant located along East Coast Road near Siglap Centre is representative of the melting pot of Singapore’s mixed cultures. Food on Spize Siglap restaurant’s menu ranges from Nasi Goreng Ayam, Mee Goreng  and Hokkien Prawn Mee to burgers, pastas and kebabs. It has an espresso bar by Dutch Colony and also serves artisanal tea by Tea forte as well as sarabat stall style teh tarik.

Spize Siglap

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Bird Bird at Frankel Avenue (Closed)

Bird Bird at Frankel Avenue

Bird Bird at Frankel Avenue is a restaurant by Chef Bjorn Shen of the fashionable Artichoke. He opened Bird Bird House of Thai Chicken in Ann Siang Road back in 2015. Bird Bird House had mixed reviews but its fried chicken was popular. Bird Bird’s move to Frankel is not just moving to a new location but moving into a new concept – one which concentrates on fried chicken. Bird Bird at Frankel Avenue is a simple American-style fried chicken restaurant.
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New BlooiE’s Bar & Roastery in Siglap

New BlooiE's Bar & Roastery in Siglap

BlooiE’s Roadhouse Restaurant used to operate out of Jalan Tua Kong where you could sit outdoors and have a beer under the stars. It was a hidden gem but not easily accessible. The Jalan Tua Kong outlet has closed and BlooiE’s has moved out to the Springvale along East Coast Road.  The New BlooiE’s Bar & Roastery in Siglap has a more polished look compared to the rustic setup at its old location. The New BlooiE’s Bar & Roastery still serves an extensive range of beverages and good American roadhouse food.

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Eat First Restaurant in Siglap

Eat first, talk later. That old Chinese saying may be the inspiration for the name of a new Chinese restaurant in Siglap. Food is the top priority in Eat First Restaurant,食之為鮮. Everything else seems secondary. Eat First Restaurant is a basic eatery serving home cooked style Cantonese dishes. Their signature dish is the steamed fish head with black bean sauce.

Eat First Siglap

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Udders & Kook at Siglap (Outlet Closed)

Udders & Kook

Udders is a local success story. A Singaporean couple has built a thriving chain of  ice-cream parlours, popular for its Mao Shan Wang Durian ice cream and its range of liqueur flavours like Bailey’s & Bourbon, Wineberries and Rum Rum Raisin. Udders Ice Cream at Siglap decided to serve hot food as well. So it employed a cook and renamed itself Udders & Kook serving mains like bangers & mash, chicken confit and burgers.

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Stamping Ground Coffee House East Coast

Stamping Ground Coffee East Coast

The botanical theme seems to be one of the latest trends for restaurants and cafes in Singapore. There are flowers on the table, plants and floral arrangements all over the dining space and even flowers in our food. Stamping Ground Coffee House might have found the best way to tap into the blossoming trend – share premises with a florist. A modern shophouse at 87 Upper East Coast Road is shared by Stamping Ground Coffee House and Dawn Q. floral design. A lovely space filled with beautiful flowers where floral scent and the aroma of fresh coffee permeate – Stamping Ground Coffee makes it to our list of the coolest cafes in the East.

Stamping Ground Coffee East Coast

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