The Good Trio 三人行 – good food, good variety & good value

Good Trio Straw Bag Rice

The Good Trio Thomson Plaza

Some restaurants are well publicised and highly visible. Some restaurants are clearly a notch above average but never seem to get any attention. The Good Trio 三人行 is a commendable Chinese restaurant that seems to remain under the radar. It is a restaurant in Thomson Plaza where we found good food, good variety and good value. Continue reading →

Ngee Fou Hakka Ampang Yong Tou Fou

Hakka Ampang Yong Tou Fou3

We recently had lunch at Ngee Fou Hakka Ampang Yong Tou Fou which is located in a row of shophouses along Upper Thomson Road. I have used the full name of the restaurant as stated on the main signboard as there is another yong tau foo restaurant two doors away that is simply named Ampang Yong Tau Fu and looks quite similar as well. So you can take your pick when you get here. Both seem well patronised. We decided on this one because it had the bigger crowd and a slightly more vibrant feel.

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November 8 Coffee & Company @ Thomson V Two (Closed)

November 8 Cafe

8th November – the day John F. Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon in US presidential elections to become the 35th president of the United States; also birthday of novelist Bram Stoker and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Did the birthday of a great personality or an event in history inspire a cafe in Thomson V Two along Sin Ming Road to name itself November 8? It turned out that the simple reason for the name was that November 8 was to be the grand opening day of the cafe. As anyone who have dealt with renovation contractors would know, project delay is inevitable. November 8, the cafe, opened quite a a few days after the 8th of November.

November 8 Cafe

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Old School Delights @ Upper Thomson : Memories of School Canteen

Old School Delights

Old School Delights (OSD) at Upper Thomson is a retro school-themed cafe. It rides on the psychological phenomena where we tend to remember more good times and less negative things as we get older. No matter how much we might have disliked school, we would still tend to gush when a cafe is dressed up to remind us of school.

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