Memo to Boss. Re: Secretaries Week 2018 Singapore

Dear Boss, a gentle reminder that Secretaries Week 2018 Singapore is just around the corner. I do not know how they compute the dates each year, but it seems that Secretaries Week 2018 Singapore will be celebrated from 23 April 2018 to 27 April 2018.  Unlike last year when you rushed around and informed us at the last minute, I trust that you will have more time to plan this year.  Some people thought you did it on purpose so that some secretaries could not attend. Of course I told them it was not true. Anyway, I think your generosity will be more appreciated if you send the invitations at least one day in advance. To help you make up your mind I have put together a few Secretaries Day lunch suggestions for your kind consideration.

Secretaries Week 2018 Singapore
Photo: Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway

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TOP Places for Brunch in Singapore

SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar

Brunch in Singapore is fast becoming a national pastime. More and more restaurants and cafes in Singapore are catering to those who want to spend time with family or friends over a leisurely brunch. There is no lack of options.  We have put together the current favourite places for brunch of The Ordinary Patrons (TOP) – TOP Brunch Places in Singapore 2018. Some are small indie cafes, some are big swanky restaurants. Some are hidden in lush gardens, others are right in the busy city malls. Here are some of the best places for brunch in Singapore that we will happily get out of bed for.

Brunch in Singapore - Corner House at the Singapore Botanic Gardens
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Best Teochew Restaurants in Singapore that we have tried

Whether you are a Teochew ‘ka ki nung'(自己人) or not, many of us enjoy Teochew food for its simplicity and clarity of flavours.  Among the Chinese dialect cuisines widely available in Singapore, it seems that the Cantonese and Teochew restaurants are the most popular in Singapore, judging by the restaurants available. Here is TOP’s list of the best Teochew restaurants in Singapore that we have tried. We are fortunate that the quality of Teochew food in Singapore is generally high. For a look at Teochew dishes at the place of origin, you may read our post Eating Teochew Food in Chaozhou and Shantou, China. We have provided links to our review of each restaurant where you can find more pictures of the place, food and menu.

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