TOP duck restaurants in Singapore

London Fat Duck Scotts Singapore01

With the recent highly publicised opening of the two duck restaurants here in Singapore, we get a sense that duck dishes are very popular in Singapore. If you like duck, there are many places where you can find a well-cooked duck dish in Singapore. Here is our list of the TOP duck restaurants in Singapore for your consideration. Continue reading →


TOP Beauty Foods which are enjoyable and easily available in Singapore

Top Beauty Foods

We like to eat well and look good. Eating well in Singapore is not a problem. Becoming more beautiful by eating tasty food is the challenge. Sometimes the top beauty foods and healthy foods recommended are either tasteless or they look like food for cows or Martians. Some superfoods reputed to be good for skin health are so exotic that by the time we find them we would have added a few more lines to our faces. We set out to discover beauty foods that we find enjoyable and easily available in restaurants and cafes in Singapore. So we now have The Ordinary Patrons’ list of favorite beauty foods which are easily available in Singapore.

Before we start on the list of “beauty foods”, we must say that we really only know how to eat and know very little about nutrition, food science or skin health. So do take everything with a pinch of salt (but not too much, as scientific studies have shown that excess intake of salt raises blood pressure 🙂 ). Most of the information here about the nutrients found in food and their effects on skin health are derived from the resources and articles found on the website of the National Health Promotion Board and the publication Micronutrients and Skin Health by Linus Pauling Institute of the Oregon State University.

So here is the TOP beauty foods and where we found them in Singapore.

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We are One! Looking back on the first 12 months of our Singapore food blog and restaurant reviews.

Celebrating Easter

How quickly a year has passed since our first post on 30 April 2014.  It was about Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar.  The Ordinary Patrons has just completed the first 12 months of food blogging and restaurant reviews.

To round-up our first year, we look back at the TOP five most memorable dining experiences for us. Continue reading →


TOP Restaurants to go to on a date with Rui En

Lowercase @ LASALLE

After watching the recent Star Awards 2015 and the news conference on the World of Georgette Chen documentary drama, one is left with the unmistakable conclusion that Rui En is one of our most popular and talented actresses.  So it set us thinking, if we have the opportunity to go on a date with Rui En, what are the places we would take her on a date in Singapore? Granted, the odds of this happening in real life are probably the same as us winning the Chinese New Year super Toto top prize.  But as they say, we must think big right?

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TOP things to do for free in Singapore and where to eat after that

Kampong Glam

National Museum

Singapore has been named as the most expensive city in the world in 2015. That is certainly true in some ways. But fear not, some of the best things in life are free. Here are our suggestions for what things to do for free in Singapore and where to eat after that. As this is a food blog and not a trip advisor, our focus of course is the food and what you can eat during or after your outing. We hope you find this list of Things to do for free in Singapore & Where to Eat useful.

The places are listed in no particular order. We will add new ones from time to time.

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