Soufflé Duxton Hill Singapore, new French restaurant specialising in soufflé

Soufflé Duxton Hill is a new French restaurant that specialises in soufflés. With six savoury soufflés and eight types of sweet soufflés on the menu, anyone can satisfy his craving for the fluffy French baked egg dish here. Souffle is run by Delicae Hospitality Management Group (“DHM Group”) which used to operate the Sabio Tapas Bar from the same premises. We had brunch there recently and tried seven types of soufflé. I probably ate more souffle in one day than I did in the past ten years.

Soufflé Duxton Hill
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TOP Weekend Brunch Places

Weekend brunch places

TOP Weekend Brunch Places

Brunch is a weekend routine for many in Singapore. Get out of bed late, have a good meal before starting a day full of activities or more lazing around. We share The Ordinary Patrons’ 2019 list of weekend brunch places that are open on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am or earlier. We will add to our list of TOP Weekend Brunch Places in Singapore in the course of the year as we discover new and good weekend brunch places.

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Carrotsticks and Cravings Cafe @ Robertson Quay

Carrotsticks and Cravings Cafe @ Robertson Quay is a new cafe that opened along the Singapore River. This is their second outlet in Singapore. Their first one is at Loewen Road in the Dempsey dining area. Carrotsticks and Cravings Cafe is run by a Melbourne expat, mother of 5-year old twins. Her food photography skills are also very good. The pictures on her website / blog are amazing and played a role in enticing us to go have brunch at Carrotsticks and Cravings Cafe @ Robertson Quay recently.

Carrotsticks and Cravings @ Robertson Quay
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Lunch at the new Jumbo Seafood Ion Orchard restaurant

TOP New Places to Eat in Singapore

Jumbo Seafood Ion Orchard is the Jumbo Restaurant Group’s new restaurant in Singapore. It is located on level 4, the highest of the shopping levels. Level 4 of the Ion Orchard now has a concentration of major Chinese restaurant names. Putien, Imperial Treasure Steamboat and Taste Paradise are on the same floor. Imperial Treasure Teochew restaurant is just one floor below. We had a dim sum and seafood lunch at the new Jumbo Seafood Ion Orchard restaurant.

Jumbo Seafood Ion Orchard - new restaurant
Jumbo Seafood Ion Orchard

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Fat Chap Suntec City (肥仔), new restaurant serving Asian cuisine

Fat Chap Suntec City is a new restaurant at the Suntec Shopping Mall. It is located on the ground floor of Tower 4 in the East Wing of Suntec City. If you are like us, and can never remember the locations of each of the towers of Suntec City, Tower 4 is the one far away from the Convention Centre. The folks behind 1855 The Bottle Shop restaurant had converted the place into the  Fat Chap restaurant at Suntec. It appears that the emphasis in this new restaurant is less on wine and more on food. The Chinese characters on the signboard is 肥仔 which I think is Cantonese for fat boy and pronounced  “fei jai”.  It is friendly,  jolly name for a restaurant.

Fat Chap Suntec City (肥仔)
Fat Chap Restaurant Suntec City (肥仔)

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