The Guild Singapore, new Keong Saik bar and restaurant by HK craft brewery

When was the last time you saw a spittoon in service in Singapore? For us it was probably in the 70s hidden under a well-used marble-topped table in a traditional coffee shop. So it was a surprise to see this previously disgusting thing in full display outside The Guild Singapore. This new Keong Saik Road bar and restaurant is a collaboration by “Hong Kong’s highest rated and largest independent craft brewery”,  Young Master Brewery and Chef Vinny Lauria.

The Guild Singapore
The Guild Singapore at Keong Saik Road

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‘Atas’ Prata at Springleaf Prata Sunset Way (Clementi)

Springleaf Prata Place is a roti prata restaurant that has five outlets all over Singapore – Springleaf Prata Sunset Way (Clementi) is one of them. Do not be fooled by the address and the name.  This outlet has an address on Clementi Street 12, but it is not in the usual Clementi area, but located along Sunset Way. Despite the name, Springleaf Prata Place serves more than just prata, there are also items like thosai, noodles, murtabak, bryani etc on the menu. And the variety of each is very wide.  Which is why we ended up ordering a posh or ‘atas’ version of the humble roti prata.

 Springleaf Prata Sunset Way (Clementi)

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Wildfire Burgers 313 Somerset : 1-For-1 Promotion

Wildfire Shabu Shabu 1-for 1

Wildfire Burgers 313 Somerset is a cafe and bar with a tantalising offering of burgers from Triple Bacon Burger and Truffled Mushroom Burge to Westholme Wagyu Shabu Burger and Vegetarian “Pulled Pork” Burger. It has special deals from time to time. Currently, it has a 1-For-1 Weekday Promotion. From 12 noon to 6 pm on Monday to Friday, order 1 Shabu Shabu Burger and you get another one free and there is also 1-For-1 on all draught beer.

Wildfire Burgers 313 Somerset

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