Cheng’s @ 27- Zhi Char in a modernised Tiong Bahru coffeeshop

Cheng’s @ 27 coffeeshop in Tiong Bahru looks very different from the typical zhi char coffeeshop in Singapore. It is bright and very clean.  According to a Straits Times article :25 years and counting: Hainanese coffeeshop Cheng’s 27, the Cheng family regularly receives generous offers to buy over the well positioned corner coffeeshop, but they are not selling.   The business has operated in this location since 1989.  Previously known as Cheng’s Delicacies,  a new generation of Chengs had taken over this business and renamed it Cheng’s 27.

Cheng's @ 27
Cheng’s @ 27 Tiong Bahru

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Mooi Chin Place Restaurant- oldest Hainanese restaurant in Singapore

The Mooi Chin Place Restaurant in the Landmark Village Hotel is said to be the oldest Hainanese restaurant in Singapore. They started in 1935, but we can only remember them from the 80s when they were situated in the basement of the Funan Shopping Centre. There are not many restaurants serving food from Hainan in Singapore. So we decided that it was time to check it out. We were there for lunch.

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