Typhoon Cafe at Plaza Singapura

Typhoon Cafe - Taste of Taiwan at Plaza Singapura

Typhoon Cafe at Plaza Singapura is an attractive contemporary Taiwanese cafe on level 4 of the popular Orchard Road mall. It offers Instagram-worthy artisan fruit teas and desserts as well as classic Taiwanese dishes like Lu Rou Fan and Oyster Omelette. Signature dishes of Typhoon Cafe at Plaza Singapura include Australian Beef Short Rib with Wuxi Maltose Glaze and Crispy Whole Pork Knuckle with Taiwanese Chilli Jam.

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Compilation of places to eat in Taipei near tourist attractions

Here is a compilation of places to eat in Taipei near tourist attractions that we tried during our visit in 2017. From street food to fine dining and everything in between, there are a lot of food options available to tourists visiting Taipei. We have written separate stories about some of these places in this list. There are also “minor” places which we will not be writing specific stories about. We have compiled this list of places to eat in Taipei for ease of reference for ourselves and our readers in the future.

Places to eat in Taipei near National Concert Hall
Taipei National Concert Hall

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Are the dumplings better in Din Tai Fung Taipei than in Singapore?

This was the question on our minds when we passed by a few Din Tai Fung Taipei outlets during our visit to the Taiwan capital. The amazing thing is that they enjoy what appears to be unending demand for their famous dumplings – xiao long bao.   Every branch had queues outside. Do they taste better in their home base?  Our curiosity to try these dumplings in the motherland was strong. But why would we want to wait in line in Taiwan when we are reluctant to do it in Singapore (where we have all the time in the world).   In the end curiosity won. We joined the queue at the Din Tai Fung Taipei outlet at the basement of shopping mall Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A4 branch.

Din Tai Fung Taipei, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A4 Xinyi
Din Tai Fung Taipei, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A4 Outlet

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