Shangri-La Peranakan Buffet Lunch at The Lobby Lounge

Buffet Lunch at The Lobby Lounge Shangri-La

Shangri-La buffet at the Line Restaurant with its theatre kitchens is heaven on earth for those who love an all-you-can-feast. While The Line offers one of the best hotel buffets in Singapore, Shangri-La Hotel has a little gem hidden in plain sight. The stylish elegant Lobby Lounge located in the hotel’s Tower Wing is more than a bar and lounge for afternoon tea or cocktails in the evening. The Lobby Lounge offers an enticing menu featuring Singapore’s heritage dishes and street food. The Shangri-La Peranakan Buffet Lunch at The Lobby Lounge is a simple sumptuous affair in an elegant and relaxing atmosphere.

 Lunch at The Lobby Lounge Shangri-La

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Peranakan lunch at new cafe Dulukala Island (former Island Cafe Tang’s)

Dulukala @ Island

Dulukala at Island is a new cafe at Tang’s department store. They take over the former Island Cafe Tang’s. Island Cafe had undergone a major renovation about two years ago, transforming it from a dark traditional space into a bright and modern one. You can read about our 2016 visit to the transformed space here. With the change of management, Dulukala Island has, wisely, left that place substantially unchanged. It is still an attractive space. We were told that this new cafe is a totally new tenant which is no longer run by Tang’s, which does not make any real difference to us except that purchases here cannot be used to earn points / rebates using the Tang’s card.

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HarriAnns Nonya Table at Bugis Junction

HarriAnns Laksa

While there is no lack of Peranakan restaurants in Singapore it is still nice to find an accessible one in a downtown shopping mall. HarriAnns Nonya Table is conveniently located at Bugis Junction, It does not have ostensible Peranakan decor and about the only thing colourful in the small eatery is the food. Their Nonya kuehs in eye-catching colours and laksa and curry with intense hues are the real attraction.

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