New Teck Kee Chicken Rice – local food in Bukit Timah

Looking for a nice simple place for a meal of Singapore? If local dishes like laksa and zi char suits your taste, then the New Teck Kee Chicken Rice restaurant in Rail Mall might be your kind of place. Chicken rice is their speciality but the restaurant serves a wider range of food than its name suggests. From basic zi char favourites like stir fry vegetables, shrimp rolls to Thai chicken feet. Free parking provides an added incentive to visit.

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Singapore Food Recipes

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There must be something therapeutic about watching someone cook and bake – as is evident from the great number of popular cooking shows on TV and on online video channels. We are not good cooks but we like to watch these shows too, especially those that share recipes and demonstrate cooking techniques. We find them both entertaining and instructive. However, we soon forget everything and have difficulty finding that video with the recipe we want. So we compiled this list of Singapore Food Recipes videos which show us how to make our favourite Singapore delicacies. You may find in this collections of Singapore Food Recipes something you want to prepare yourself or, better still, you may find inspiration to make your own delicious creations. Continue reading →

Cooking with Toaster Oven – Ep 2 – Five Spice Chicken Drumsticks

Encouraged by our modest success with our first attempt cooking with toaster oven (see Ep 1), we decided to look for some ideas on cooking with toaster ovens. We landed on a Cuisinart oven manual with some simple recipes. One of their recipes for cooking with their oven was five spice chicken wings. You can see the detailed instructions here. We took our inspiration from there but made some small modifications.

Cooking with Toaster Oven

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