How long is the queue at Tsui Wah Clarke Quay, Singapore?

How long is the queue at Tsui Wah Clarke Quay,  the new Singapore outlet of the famous Hong Kong tea restaurant or “cha charn teng”? We dislike long queues as much as we like to try new places. We had seen photos of the long queues on weekends and so we thought that it would be safe to visit Tsui Wah at an off-peak time – lunch on a weekday when  Clarke Quay is usually quite deserted. But it seems that Tsui Wah has great appeal even on a weekday. There was a medium length queue of about 20 people.  We decided to give it a miss and had lunch at Liang Court. We returned after lunch for a small bite and to recce the queue situation for future visits.

Tsui Wah Clarke Quay

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Brunch at Atlas Coffeehouse – a bustling cafe in Bukit Timah

We have not seen the word “coffeehouse” used in a long while. We associate the word with the cafes of the 70s such as the Skillets Coffeehouse in Supreme House. At that time it was used to denote a trendy Westernised restaurant. Then in the 90s the description fell into disuse. Coffeehouses were no longer in fashion. But like all things fashionable, they (like bell bottoms) do come back. Atlas Coffeehouse is located in Singapore’s equivalent of the Flatiron Building in New York City. While not as tall as the one in NYC, No 6 Duke’s Road is also a building with a sharp corner at the junction of Bukit Timah and Duke’s Road. The star occupant at this building is Atlas Coffeehouse on the ground floor.  Almost in the middle of nowhere, we were surprised to see a bustling cafe with full occupancy on a weekday morning.

Atlas Coffeehouse
Atlas Coffeehouse Duke’s Road

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Vietnamese Street Eats at Comnam Raffles City Restaurant

The Comnam Raffles City Vietnamese restaurant is one of the many outlets of the diverse Les Amis restaurant group. Their brands range from high-end offerings such as the flagship Les Amis restaurant and Japanese restaurant Aoki to the more affordable ones such as the successful Nam Nam Noodle Bar that has outlets in four locations in Singapore.   ComNam Vietnamese Street Eats is the “younger sibling” of NamNam Noodle Bar chain founded by Chef-Owner Nam Quoc Nguyen with the Les Amis Group in August 2014.  So far there is only one outlet in Singapore – Comnam Raffles City.

Comnam Raffles City Basement One

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