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What to Eat at Owen Link, Connexion @ Farrer Park

Connexion at Farrer Park is an integrated medical and hospitality complex that recently opened in late 2014. It houses the Farrer Park Hospital, the Farrer Park Medical Centre, One Farrer Hotel and Spa together with Owen Link which is a passageway running through the building with restaurants and shops along the sides. Along the exterior of the building is the Food Street where you can find a few more food outlets. Hospitals can be depressing places to go to for both patients and visitors alike. We are sure the availability of good food and beverages can play apart in not only nourishing the body but also improving one’s mental well-being. The good people behind this complex has put together a small but interesting selection of restaurants in this complex. Recently we checked out the place to discover what to eat at the Owen Link, Connexion at Farrer Park.

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The most substantial restaurant here is the Escape Restaurant and Lounge which is located next to the hotel lobby of the One Farrer Hotel & Spa. Serving both local and international cuisine it is open throughout the day. It is quite a large restaurant and is attractively decorated. We did not have lunch there, but checked out the lunchtime buffet offering. There is quite a wide selection of food available and if looks are any indication, they certainly look delicious. At the time of our visit, the buffet lunch costs $45 per pax with a 25% discount in view of its recent opening. The open concept kitchen keeps the experience interactive. Another feature to note is the large selection of wines by the glass, made possible by the use of a large bank of those nitrogen gas dispensers to keep the wines fresh.

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Bakerzin Facebookhas an outlet on the first level.

Bakerzin Farrer Park

Familiar Vietnamese noodle and sandwich restaurant Nam Nam has also set up shop at Owen Link, together with sibling Japanese restaurants Sushi Jin and JINzakaya. A confectionery shop, One Farrer Confectionery is located along the corridor.

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Sushi Jin09
Farrer Park jinzakaya
Farrer Park jinzakaya menu
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Another set of food & beverage outlets are located on street level along a stretch named “Food Street”. Local Fresh and Seasonal (LFS) is a cafeteria style eatery with large indoor and outdoor seating areas. The $8 eggs and coffee breakfast menu looks interesting. Next to it is the Institute of Nutrition. This is quite an unusual concept which combines a retail shop and cooking school. We are not sure exactly how it works but it is certainly a beautifully set up place with a modern kitchen and shelves full of gourmet quality foodstuffs.

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Owen Link - Connexion at Farrer Park

Owen Link, Connexion at Farrer Park
1 Farrer Park Station Road
Singapore 217562

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