Koo Kee Restaurant at Jalan Sultan – Yong Tow Foo Mee & More

Koo Kee Restaurant at Jalan Sultan

Koo Kee is famous for their Yong Tow Foo Mee and has many outlets in food courts and hawker centres all over Singapore. Koo Kee Restaurant at Jalan Sultan is not just another Yong Tow Foo Mee outlet. Koo Kee Restaurant is a new dining concept of the Gao Ji Food Group and serves a fairly wide selection of local fare Including Laksa, Chee Cheong Fun and Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Koo Kee Restaurant

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Wakey Wakey, it’s time for brunch at new cafe in Concourse Skyline

Concourse Skyline is the residential part of the spaceship-looking complex known as The Concourse along Beach Road. The other tower next to it houses the office block. The retail space at the bottom of Concourse Skyline appears to be a fledging collection of interesting eateries. One of them is the Wakey Wakey Cafe where we went for brunch recently. The other cafes in the stretch include Pizza Face, TORA Japanese restaurant, Big Sake Bar, Canelé Bordelais (specialty shop serving canele and beverages) and others.

Concourse Skyline

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Char Siew Overdose at One Bowl Restaurant in The Sultan Hotel, Singapore

One Bowl Restaurant

In case you have no time to read this entire post, I can easily convey all I need to say into one sentence.  If you like roast pork, then a visit to One Bowl Restaurant in The Sultan Hotel, Singapore should be on your to do list. Although the roast pork is referred to as char siew in the menu, it does not look like the regular char siu that we are used to.  Instead of thin slices of mostly lean meat with red colouring at the edges, the char siew at One Bowl Restaurant were partially fatty pieces, cut into thick slabs and without any colouring. More oily than the usual kind but perhaps that is what gives it its rich taste.

Char Siew One Bowl Restaurant in The Sultan Hotel
The Sultan Hotel, Singapore

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