El Mero Mero Mexican Restaurant in CHIJMES

There are not many Mexican restaurants in Singapore. Mexican cuisine is also not something that often comes to mind when the time comes to decide where to eat.  As it has been some time since our last visit to a Mexican restaurant in Singapore, we thought it was time to have some Mexican for lunch. We headed for the El Mero Mero Mexican Restaurant in CHIJMES, just across the road from Raffles City.

El Mero Mero Mexican Restaurant

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Glasshouse CHIJMES – a new specialty coffee and toast bar in a glass box

A new cafe, Glasshouse CHIJMES has sprouted out of nowhere in the grounds of the former CHIJ. As its name suggests, Glasshouse Specialty Coffee and Toast Bar is a petite cafe offering coffee and light food out of a glass box. It is an interesting place which we had to check it out.

Glasshouse CHIJMES

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Lunch at Whitegrass at CHIJMES (Closed)

We had lunch at the Whitegrass restaurant at CHIJMES recently. According to their website, Whitegrass is chef-owner Sam Aisbett’s first restaurant venture where he intends to offer an exceptional fine dining experience, showcasing his interpretation of modern Australian cuisine.


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Coriander Leaf restaurant opens at Chijmes – Modern Asian Cuisine

Coriander Leaf restaurant Chijmes - 3

Coriander Leaf restaurant is located in the scenic Chijmes grounds which are just across the road from Raffles City. It had relocated there a few months ago from their former location at Clark Quay. According to their website, Coriander Leaf serves “an exciting authentic Asian menu which features both traditional and interpreted dishes, reflecting modern and traditional cooking techniques.”

We are sometimes apprehensive when descriptions of cuisines are prefaced by the words “fusion” or “modern” as “fusion” often ends up being confused and “modern” just means that the chef is probably too lazy to stick with traditional cooking techniques.  In the case of the Coriander Leaf restaurant, we know that this was not the case and had been fans of them at the former location. We visited them at the new location at Chijmes to see if anything had changed. It is still helmed by the well-known chef Samia Ahad.

Coriander Leaf Chijmes - 2

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Nasi Lemak and Mee Rebus at Toast Box @ Chijmes

Chijmes-43Toast Box’s coffee shops are everywhere in Singapore. We visited their outlet at Chijmes on a Sunday morning. We did not have the firm intention to eat at Toast Box, merely to go to Chijmes and see what catches our eye. What we discovered that day was that, with the exception of Toast Box, all the restaurants at Chijmes (or at least those that we checked out) open at 1130 or later. There were quite a few groups of like-minded people on that day. In the end everyone descended on this coffee-shop. It was a very busy restaurant in this tranquil location at Chijmes. The photo above was taken at another time. The photo below shows the real situation.

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