Italian restaurant 2it & drink at Valley Point


Looking for a place 2it & drink along River Valley Road?  This Italian restaurant “to eat and drink” is located on the ground floor of the Valley Point Shopping Centre. With its 20-metre long frontage,  it is visible even from the main road.

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Two Bakers and a cook at Horne Road

Two Bakers Artisan Patisserie

Good coffee at cafes should be a given. Some cafes have great desserts but average savoury food. Others have good food but forgettable sweets. Started by three friends, two bakers and a cook, Two Bakers Artisan Patisserie is a bakery cafe where you will find great coffee to go with good savoury dishes and desserts. Located next to a mechanical engineering workshop in the latest hipster enclave of Jalan Besar-Lavender, Two Bakers is a place you can go to for a good cuppa, a proper meal or just some interesting pastries. Continue reading →

Ippin Cafe Bar – Sake, Sencha, Simple Good Food & more (Closed)

Ippin Cafe Bar

極品 Ippin Cafe Bar at Mohamed Sultan Road is a Japanese store which serves good Japanese comfort food, tea, beer and more; and they sell the ingredients used for the preparation of their food. Going to this quaint little store may be the next best thing to being in Japan yourself. You can drink top quality sencha tea served by Japanese staff, enjoy exotic sake, browse Japanese magazines and eavesdrop on the conversations of Japanese patrons. You can even learn Japanese cooking there. The charming place also sells imported Japanese foodstuff, candies, tableware, bed linen, crafts and even cosmetics.

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Jing Hua Xiao Chi 京華小吃 at Palais Renaissance (Outlet Closed)

Jing Hua Xiao Chi 京華小吃

Jing Hua Restaurant - 京华小吃

Jing Hua Xiao Chi 京華小吃 had rather humble beginnings in 1989 in a refurbished shophouse along Neil Road. The fan base for its homemade dumplings has grown to be quite a large one over the years. Jing Hua celebrated its 25th anniversary by opening a new outlet at the deluxe shopping mall Palais Renaissance in Orchard Road. The new 95-seater restaurant offers signature Jing Hua home-style dishes in a contemporary elegant setting.

Jing Hua Xiao Chi 京華小吃

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The Namly Club Singapura (outlet closed)

Namly Club12

The Namly Club is a new restaurant that just opened in the quiet Namly residential neighbourhood off Sixth Avenue. It is related to the Tiong Bahru Club which opened not long ago in Tiong Bahru at which we had quite a good experience. Both of them belong to the same family known as The Singapura Club. Can it replicate its success in the City in the suburbs?

Namly Club08

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