New Restaurant 2015

New restaurants and cafes in Singapore opened in 2015 The Ordinary Patrons have discovered.

999.99 Restaurant (Moved)


The 999.99 Restaurant is more conveniently called the “Five Nines” restaurant. Newly opened (end 2015) in the food haven of Keong Saik Road, this is one of the few restaurants in Singapore that has a number as its name. We stopped by at 999.99 Restaurant to check out their set lunch offerings.

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A crowded brunch at Populus Cafe


Populus Cafe, like its neighbour along Neil Road two doors away, Lokal Cafe, has enjoyed great success from day one. Unlike many new restaurants in Singapore which see their crowds wane off as the novelty wears off, this pair of hip cafes continue to pack them. In an earlier visit to Lokal, we had stopped by to see what was the hype all about and were convinced that it did have something special to justify the hype (see our post here). This time, curiosity made us check out why Populus Cafe is so popular. According to the Populus website, they are “a gastro-cafe serving up  contemporary progressive café nosh and speciality coffee.

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Violet Oon’s National Kitchen, National Gallery Singapore

National Kitchen-11

Violet Oon’s National Kitchen, National Gallery is not a restaurant that you can decide to go for lunch on impulse. It was packed when we were there recently. Walk in patrons were turned away, partly because it is very popular and partly because the restaurant was modest in size.  We had the impression National Kitchen by Violet Oon is a Peranakan restaurant (possibly because of her reputation as a Peranakan specialist), but we were mistaken. As a “national kitchen”, many our Singapore favourite foods e.g. satay, chilly crab, curry fish head and Hainanese chicken rice are represented here. There are Peranakan items on the menu, but this is more like a “top hits of Singapore” compilation album.

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So Pho Vietnamese Cafe @ Parkway Parade

So Pho Vietnamese cafe

It can be mistaken for an Ikea showroom on the spruced up 3rd level of Parkway Parade but it is actually a new outlet of So Pho Vietnamese Cafe. It has light wood furniture and display helves, lantern lamps and many other items that looked very much like what we might have seen in Ikea. It does not look like a place serving Vietnamese food but it has a fairly extensive menu covering Vietnamese rolls, rice and noodles dishes, beef, chicken, hot pot and, of course, Vietnamese pho.Read More »So Pho Vietnamese Cafe @ Parkway Parade


YOLO – healthy food for that beach body and youthful looking skin

YOLO Food @ Icon Singapore

Its motto is “Eat & Live Like YOLO” but at YOLO Restaurant @ Icon the spirit of “You Only Live Once” is not an excuse to let yourself go and eat recklessly. Instead, YOLO’s philosophy is that since you only live once you should embrace healthy habits and eat well. YOLO food is nutritious and good for you says YOLO –  good for you whether you want extra energy, want to shape up to have that beach body or want your skin to look younger. Being vain and easily persuaded by slick marketing, we decided to have lunch at YOLO @ Icon to see if we can become beach hunks and babes with youthful looking skin.Read More »YOLO – healthy food for that beach body and youthful looking skin


Ramen & Tonkatsu Ma Maison at Capitol Piazza (Closed)

Ramen & Tonkatsu Ma Maison Capitol Piazza

Ramen & Tonkatsu Ma Maison is one of the recently opened restaurants in Capitol Piazza.  Ma Maison’s new concept restaurant located in the basement of Capitol Piazza features specialty Hokkaido Cheese Ramen. Besides the cheese ramen, it also offers a good variety of the more usual ramen as well as Ma Maison signature tonskatsu.Read More »Ramen & Tonkatsu Ma Maison at Capitol Piazza (Closed)