New Restaurant 2016

Tanuki Raw – new restaurant & bar at the National Design Centre

Singapore National Design Centre

I was walking pass the beautifully lit National Design Centre in the evening when I noticed what seemed liked an alfresco bar. I crossed the road to have a closer look but there was no bar –  just a row of bar tables in the shadows lined up by a reflecting pool. The scene was somewhat surreal and I was wondering if the setup was just an outdoor exhibit of some sort. Then I saw there were people drinking and eating at the tables. Traipsing into the grounds of National Design Centre late in the evening, I discovered that Tanuki Raw Restaurant & Bar had opened up a new outlet in Kapok, the lifestyle concept store on the ground level of the National Design Centre.

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Caveman Food @ Star Vista

Star Vista Caveman Food - 1 (1)

Caveman Food is a new food outlet at the Star Vista Mall in Buona Vista serving meals for the Paleo diet. We normally put up the most attractive photo of the restaurant which we are writing about at the start of our posts. This time though, we thought that it is more appropriate to feature the thing that attracted us to eat at Caveman Food –  the newspaper cutting that was displayed at the restaurant. The owner had apparently lost 5 kg after four months of trying a Paleo Diet.  Anything that might help us lose weight deserves a chance, so that was how we end up eating at Cavemen Food.

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Go fly, Kite the restaurant at Craig Road (Closed)


The Kite Restaurant on Craig Road is a relatively new restaurant that opened at the end of 2015, adding to the great variety of food places in this part of Singapore. We had lunch there recently. It was a place which we instantly liked, even before a single dish had been served. Perhaps it was the charming shophouse in which it was located in and the professionalism of the staff. No, I think it was probably the unpretentiousness of it all. A very plain name, simple furnishings, no “still or sparkling” type of salesmanship and wallet-friendly prices in the menu that do not require you to do mental sums before ordering.


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