TOP List of Dempsey Restaurants 2019 & Reviews

The Dempsey dining area is possibly the most pleasant dining location in Singapore. It has a wide mix of food choices, a laid back atmosphere, big open spaces with lots of trees and, very importantly, free parking. The success of the concept can be seen in the stability of the tenants. Many of them have been there for years. Serving as a guide to the Dempsey restaurants and to help our readers decide what to eat at Dempsey, here is The Ordinary Patrons’ (TOP) List of Dempsey Restaurants 2019. We have tried most of the restaurants listed and have provided links to our reviews which contain more information and pictures of the places as well as the menus when available.

Dempsey Restaurants at Dempsey Hill
Dempsey Restaurants
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FrapasBar by Saveur – affordable tapas-style French cuisine

Frapasbar Century Square

Saveur, known for reasonably priced French fare for the ordinary patrons, has created a fresh new concept – FrapasBar. Combine French cuisine with tapas-style food and add a bar and, hey presto, a new F&B concept with a new name is conceived – FrapasBar.

FrapasBar by Saveur
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The Tree Cafe, a casual place to eat @ The Cathay

The Tree Cafe at Cathay is a simple, casual place to eat. Located on level 3 of the Cathay building at Dhoby Ghaut, it is a convenient place to have a quick bite if you are watching a movie at Cathay or if you happen to be in the area. It is a peaceful place and a short walk away from Plaza Singapura which can get too noisy and crowded for our liking.

The Tree Cafe Cathay
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Took Lae Dee – Cheap & Good Thai Food

Took Lae Dee

The name “Took Lae Dee” may sound like the Singlish answer to the question “have you taken your dinner?” but that is not the reason why this Thai restaurant is popular in Singapore. Took Lae Dee finds ready acceptance because it caters to the many Singaporeans who spend considerable time and energy looking for C&G food. In Thai, Took Lae Dee means Cheap and Good (C&G) and Took Lae Dee Singapore in 18 Tai Seng does serve C&G Thai food.

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Privé Paragon, new all-day dining restaurant at Orchard Road

Operating daily from 8.30 am to 12.30 am, new cafe Privé Paragon certainly takes “all-day dining” to a new level. With such long operating hours, this is a cafe which is useful for us to catch breakfast or a late late dinner after normal restaurants close. For guests staying at nearby hotels, Privé Paragon would certainly be one option instead of the expensive hotel breakfast or room service.

Privé Paragon
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