Where to bring foreign friends to eat in Singapore? 7 restaurants for 7 types of visitors

Where to bring foreign friends to eat in Singapore?  As a part of our Asian hospitality, it is customary to treat our foreign visitors to a meal when they are in Singapore. We often have to rack our brains to figure what are the places to bring visitors to eat in Singapore. To help our readers who have to figure out where to go, we have compiled this list of 7 restaurants based on the type of visitors they are hosting.  The restaurants are also situated in locations which we think are interesting to an overseas traveller. We think the key to selecting a suitable place is to understand the character of your guest. Only then will you be able to decide on the appropriate restaurant to host the meal.

Where to bring foreign friends to eat in singapore?
Kok Seng Restaurant

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Five beautiful cafes in Singapore to escape from reality

Jubilee Coffeehouse

Life can be stressful at times and we need to have a change of environment to recharge, even for a couple of hours. Dining is one of the pleasures in life. It is a social activity which can serve as a method of de-stressing as well. Here are five beautiful cafes in Singapore which we like to go to escape from our normal routine. Whether because of its decor, its location or just its ambience,  these are restaurants which make us feel that we have stepped into a different space. The food at these beautiful cafes in Singapore are also pretty decent.  You can read more about our visits to each cafe by clicking on the links provided.

Hans im Glück Singapore - German Burgergrill
Hans im Glück

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TOP New Restaurants Singapore 2018 – latest new eateries that we have tried

Dulukala @ Island

(Updated July 2018) As The Ordinary Patrons (TOP) eat our way through the year, this is our compilation of TOP new restaurants Singapore 2018 that we have tried. We will continue to update this list all the way till the end of 2018. Being a food blog by ordinary people of our own eating experiences with no sponsored stories, we have to be judicious in the choice of new restaurants to try in Singapore. New places to eat are always interesting, but time, budget and calories should be wisely spent. We hope this list of new restaurants Singapore 2018 will help our readers to narrow down the new restaurants to try in 2018. You can see more photos of the places, food and menu by reading about our visits (links provided).

Yellow Pot Restaurant at Six Senses Duxton
Six Senses Duxton Hotel

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