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Ka-EN Grill & Sushi – New Japanese Restaurant @ Capitol Kempinski Singapore

Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar @ The Capitol Kempinski Singapore is a nice new Japanese restaurant serving grilled meats and sushi. A wide selection of sake makes this a good meeting place for Japanese food and drinks in the City Hall area.

Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar Review

New Japanese Restaurant at The Capitol Kempinski Singapore

Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar is one of the many restaurant concepts in the EN Group of restaurants. Their Japanese restaurant brands include Aburi-EN, EN Dining, Tamago-EN, Monster Planet and Tempura Makino. Having tried some of their brands we must say that we were impressed by this new outlet that opened recently in The Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski Singapore. It takes over the space previously occupied by Katachi Style Sushi.

Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar Review

Japanese Sake Menu

Like the previous Japanese restaurant at The Capitol Singapore, the new Ka-EN Grill & Sushi enjoys a prominent space on the ground floor of the Arcade row of restaurants. The collection of sake bottles immediately catches our attention at the entrance.

Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar Review

A wide range of Japanese sake is listed in the Ka-En wine list – by glass, full bottles(720ml) and half bottles (300ml). Here are some sample pictures of the sake menu.

Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar Sake Menu

We tried a Kikusui No Karakuchi ($33 for 300ml). It is described as having a dry distinctive sharpness and clear aftertaste. We thought that it was a pleasant sake to go with our food on that day.

Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar Restaurant Menu

At lunchtime, the menu mainly contains rice bowls and set lunch combinations. For dinner, pricier choices are available in the a la carte menu including sashimi and grilled premium meats. Here are pictures of some pages of the lunch menu that we tried that day.

Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar Menu
Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar Review

Salad, Sushi and Sashimi

For starters we had a Ka-EN salad ($18) and an assorted sushi and sashimi set ($32). The salad was attractively presented. It was a nice salad with small pieces of raw seafood topping the vegetables, but was not very memorable.

Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar Review
Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar Review

The sushi and sashimi on the other hand, was not only attractive but had a quality that was beyond our expectations at this price point. The raw fish on both the sashimi and sushi had the colours and lustre that always give a good impression. Eating them confirmed the freshness that we gathered from their looks.

Rice Bowls

We had three types of rice bowls. The Wagyu Karubi Don ($25, picture below) featured toppings of nicely grilled slices of beef. It was an enjoyable rice bowl.

Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar Review

The best Ka-En Grill & Sushi rice bowl was the “3 Kinds of Premium Buta Jyu” ($25) – a rice bowl topped with three kinds of pork – including the pork of pigs fed with chestnuts. These were certainly the best cuts of pork that we have tried in recent times.

Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar Review

Our least favourite item at our Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar lunch was the Aburi Salmon Mentaimayo Don ($25). We found the dish to be drowned with too much mayo sauce for our liking. Although the same price as the beef and pork bowls, our enjoyment of this one was much lower by comparison.

Overall, our lunch at Ka-EN Grill & Sushi @ The Capitol Kempinski Singapore was good value for money. Sometimes the food items shown on the menus look much better than in real life. We were glad that the ones at Ka-En looked just as good.

Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar Review

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  

3 Tops

Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar

15 Stamford Road
#01-82 Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski
Singapore 178906

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Lunch Menu

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday
11:00 AM-04:00 PM,05:00 PM-10:00 PM
Friday & Saturday
11:00 AM-04:00 PM,05:00 PM-12:00 AM

Nearest MRT: City Hall Station

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