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Mr Bucket Chocolaterie and the Chocolate Factory at Dempsey

In the book, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Mr Bucket is Charlie’s father who works in a toothpaste factory. In Singapore, Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie in Dempsey makes and sells chocolates in many colours and flavours.

Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie review and Chocolate Factory at Dempsey

Mr Bucket Chocolaterie @ Dempsey

Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie is the latest new cafe at the Dempsey dining enclave. It takes over a large space at Block 13. In this space, there is a factory area where chocolate production takes place. a retail area and a cafe area where chocolates and other light food can be enjoyed.

Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie review and The Chocolate Factory at Dempsey
Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie at Block 13 Dempsey

Both the outdoor and indoor dining areas are nicely furnished and comfortable.

Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie review and The Chocolate Factory at Dempsey

This is a peek into one of the chocolate factory areas.

There is also an option for customers to customise their own chocolate slabs. Choose the choc and add some toppings.

Quick Look at the Chocolates Showcase

The most attractive items are the bite sized chocolates known as bon bons. They come in different colours and flavours such as Single Origin – 72% Calinan Dark, Single Origin – 80% Anaimalai Dark and Cookies & Cream. They also have a few alcohol filled options such as Negroni Classic and Rum & Raisin. They cost $25 for a box of 6 and $42 for a box of 12. Not cheap, but they look like jewels!

Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie review and The Chocolate Factory at Dempsey

Here is a picture of some of the other items on display.

Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie review and The Chocolate Factory at Dempsey

Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie Cafe Menu

The cafe is mainly a place for customers to try out the chocolates and desserts in a cafe setting. There are a few more substantial items such as quiche and muffins. Here are a few sample pictures of the menu.

Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie Menu

Our Coffee Break at Dempsey Chocolate Factory

With so many cafes to choose from at Dempsey, Mr Bucket stands out from the others in a few ways. First – it runs a factory on site. Second, it is quite specialised and chocolates form the main part of its repertoire. Third – its whimsical name and its logical connection with Roald Dahl’s famous novel which was subsequently made into a movie.


For our coffee break at Dempsey we decided to try a bon bon tasting set ($12) and a Signature Chocolate Dome ($13) with black coffee ($6) and cappuccino ($8).

Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie Bon Bon Tasting set
Bon Bon Tasting Set

For our bon bon tasting set, we had a choice of any three. We selected 72% Calinan Dark, Tea & Biscuit and a Coffee Caramel Whisky. All of them were good but the best was the one with the whisky.

Being named the signature item of a chocolate factory, the chocolate dome must always feel the pressure to perform. It was indeed worthy of its name. The dome was a delicious dome with strong chocolate flavours. The taste lingers on the palate for a long time. Best eaten with strong black coffee.

Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie review and Chocolate Dome

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  

3 Tops

Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie
13 Dempsey Rd, #01-03/04, Singapore 249674

Opening Hours:
Tue to Thurs: 11am-7pm
Fri to Sun: 11am-11pm
Public Holidays: 11am-11pm
Closed on Mondays

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