Seasons Bistro – Seasonal Food @ TripleOne Somerset (Closed)

Seasons Bistro

Gordon Ramsay, controversial celebrity chef, was reported to have said that British restaurants should be fined if they served fruit and vegetables which were not in season. He should have no complaint against Seasons Bistro at TripleOne Somerset then. Seasons Bistro is a casual American style diner. With Executive Chef Benjamin Fong at its helm, the bistro believes in the practice of cooking with seasonal ingredients and offering seasonally‐changing menus. Continue reading →

La Braceria Italian Pizza and Grill at Greenwood Ave


La Braceria is one of the many restaurants clustered along the Greenwood area of the upmarket Watten Estate residential district. It is owned by the Iannone brothers who hail from Italy and whose  mission is to serve honest, authentic Italian food. Continue reading →

Old School Delights @ Upper Thomson (Outlet Closed)

Old School Delights (OSD) has new outlets at The Esplanade Mall and City Square Mall.

Old School Delights

Old School Delights (OSD) at Upper Thomson is a retro school-themed cafe. It rides on the psychological phenomena where we tend to remember more good times and less negative things as we get older. No matter how much we might have disliked school, we would still tend to gush when a cafe is dressed up to remind us of school.

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PappaRich – Malaysian Delights @ Westgate


Do you fancy local comfort foods like chicken rice, laksa and nasi lemak but dislike the messy environment of coffee shops and the exorbitant prices of plusher alternatives like those in hotel cafes? Perhaps Papparich offers a middle ground solution.

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Shirokiya @ CHIJMES (Closed)

Shirokiya at Chijmes Japanese Food Corridor

Shirokiya, at the new CHIJMES Japanese food corridor, is a casual Japanese restaurant that is reputed for healthy dining. They focus on the use of traditional Japanese ingredients like shio-koji, or salted rice malt. Their menu has items that are supposed to promote beauty too – such as dishes with collagen. Continue reading →