Italian Restaurants at Greenwood Avenue Singapore

Italian Restaurants Greenwood Avenue

Italian Restaurants Greenwood Ave 4Residents in Bukit Timah are likely to be familiar with the quiet existence of a Little Italy in their part of Singapore. Nestled within the well-heeled residential neighbourhood of Watten Estate is a cluster of restaurants housed in shophouses along Greenwood Avenue. The restaurants are a mixed lot, including a bakery and cafe, a local coffee shop, a seafood restaurant,  a Japanese restaurant and a few others. But the most prominent cuisine served here is Italian. At last count, there were six of them. Here is a list of the Italian restaurants at Greenwood Avenue Singapore.

Rubato12Rubato is the restaurant that will catch your eye immediately as you approach the area. It is one of the two large restaurants in the area. The decor is Italian with a modern touch. We had quite a good experience at our last visit. Read our post on lunch at Rubato here.

Italian Restaurants Greenwood Ave 2Donna carmela greenwood1Donna Carmela is the other large restaurant here, occupying the corner unit at the end of the row. In contrast to Rubato which takes up the other corner unit, Donna Carmela looks as traditional as you can imagine an Italian restaurant to be. Read our post on Donna Carmela  here.

Italian Restaurants Greenwood Ave 5Fratini10Fratini La Trattoria is located somewhere in between the two large restaurants. It is the most unique of the restaurants here in that it has no fixed menu. The chef buys whatever produce is available and cooks them for the patrons. It is enjoyable as you do not know what is coming up next.  It will be even more enjoyable if you have a big appetite as the portions are generous and there many courses. Read about our experience of endless love at Fratini here.

Italian Restaurants Greenwood Ave 3Peperoni Pizzaria is a casual Italian restaurant close to Fratini. When we were last in the area, the place was boarded up and some serious renovations were going on. The picture above is an old photo. We will update this page after we next visit the place. The renovations should be finished by now (we think).

Italian Restaurants Greenwood Ave 1La Braceria Italian Pizza and Grill is a cosy restaurant near Donna Carmela. Technically this Italian restaurant is not on Greenwood Avenue but on the road perpendicular to it, Greendale Avenue. It is not very visible as the front of the premises is taken up by a nice leafy garden. If you continue to walk around the corner where Donna Carmela is located, you will find it. The staff were very hospitable and the service here was the most friendly. Read about our experience at La Braceria here.

Italian Restaurants Greenwood Ave 6The final Italian restaurant here at Watten Estate is Ristorante Pizzaria Giuseppe. This is the only one that we have not had the chance to try.  When we do so, we will update this page.

Ristorante Pizzeria Giuseppe
Address: 24 Greenwood Avenue, Singapore 289221

There are car park lots right in front of the restaurants which are adequate under normal circumstances. But if you are visiting on Fridays and weekends, this area can get very crowded. A valet parking service is available or you can choose to drive around the neighourhood to park at one of the nearby lanes where roadside parking is permitted.


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