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Sticky Candy shop – the store that brings out the child in you

Sticky Candy-16

There seems to be quite a few unusual shops at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. The Sticky Candy shop is one of them. We entered the shop out of curiosity and were fascinated by the way the candy was being made by hand right in front of us.

Sticky Candy-4

Sticky Candy-2

The other thing that made us literally behave like kids in a candy store was the wonderfully bright and varied colours of the candy products. They looked so beautiful and jewel-like and had intricate details.

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Sticky Candy-7

They looked even more beautiful when packed in science lab styled containers.

Sticky Candy-14

Sticky Candy-13

The prices start from $2.90 for 70g for the simple flavours. Different prices apply for different types and packaging. Here is the price list.  The lollipops look very tempting.

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Sticky Candy-11

Walking into the Sticky Candy shop at Cathay Cineleisure was such an unplanned but delightful experience. The atmosphere was very friendly and we were offered some  sweets for sampling. The one which they were in the process of making had a pleasant peppermint and clean taste. Sweet of course, but not overly so.

Sticky Candy-15


These days when all the shopping malls in Singapore seem to have the same old stores selling the usual stuff, it is refreshing to explore a mall like Cathay Cineleisure Orchard that still holds surprises for shoppers. Sticky Candy was like a factory, a science laboratory and a page from the children’s story book,  in addition to a candy shop.

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Sticky Candy
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
8 Grange Road, #01-02
Singapore 239695

Tel : +65 6737 8879

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