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2016 Hard Rock Cafe Singapore – new, re-opened and ready to rock

The new Hard Rock Cafe Singapore 2016 has awakened. After months of slumber when extensive renovations were carried out which saw the iconic hanging 1961 Cadillac Series 62 De Ville being removed from the facade. What does the new and improved Hard Rock Cafe Singapore look like?  Come, join us for lunch.

Hard Rock Cafe Singapore

The first things that are noticeable from the outside is the refreshed signs and entrance that leads to Hard Rock Cafe Singapore. The new entrance may have a more updated image but we think it does not have the appeal of the hanging Cadillac.

Hard Rock Cafe-40

Hard Rock Cafe Singapore

Walk up this flight of steps, ignore the temptation to step into the Rock Shop to enter the new, more contemporary decor of the new Hard Rock Cafe Singapore. At first glance, not much seems to have changed, but if you search for images of the old HRC SG, you can see that the old decor was more of the country and rock and roll style. The current one is more modern. We have yet to go for their live performances in the evenings but we can assume that the AV equipment has probably been updated, which to many could be the most important change.

Hard Rock Cafe-14

Hard Rock Cafe-13

Hard Rock Cafe-8

Hard Rock Cafe-7

Here are pictures of some pages of the Hard Rock Singapore menu. Again, the menu looks generally familiar and does not contain any surprises. There is a page with some local food like nasi goreng and char kway teow. We can’t recall whether local food was in the previous menu. No matter to us as we tend to order the same things when we are there – fajitas and the legendary burger. Which was what we did this time. There is something interesting to tell you about  – weekday set lunches at $15 which looks like a good deal.

HRC Menu

Hard Rock Cafe-12

Hard Rock Cafe-10

Hard Rock Cafe-5


Hard Rock Cafe-4

Hard Rock Cafe-3

For starters, we tried a chili crab dip ($18). Six deep-fried buns or man tou to be dipped into a bowl of chilli crab dip. This was a pleasant dish but we did not find much (if any) traces of crab in the dip. Perhaps more chunky bits would be nice. The taste was more sweet than spicy.

Hard Rock Cafe-15

Hard Rock Cafe-17

Kronenberg Blanc beer at $15 per pint was a reasonable price. This bright and fruity beer is best friends with fajitas and burgers. So we help them to meet up as often as we can. There is a $25 free flow of Prosecco on Tuesday evenings.

Hard Rock Cafe-22

Hard Rock Cafe-24

We ordered the fajitas with a combination of grilled chicken and beef fajitas ($32).  A plate of grilled chicken and beef on a bed of grilled onions and capsicum. To be eaten with sour cream, cheese and guacamole wrapped up in tortillas. The taste of the whole thing was very good. The beef was excellent.  The portion was large, this was enough to be shared by two. This was as good as we can remember the HRC fajitas to be, except for one thing. They don’t serve it on the sizzling hotplate that they used to. The old one was more showy. We could hear and smell the dish on the way to the table. The present one is more of the strong and silent type.

Hard Rock Cafe-21

Hard Rock Cafe-37

Hard Rock Cafe-36

Hard Rock Cafe-33


The Legendary Burger ($27) is as good as it should be. It is a very substantial burger so do not order unless very hungry or to be shared by two. The fries were inconsistent that day. Some were good. Some were hard.

Hard Rock Cafe-19

Hard Rock Cafe-29

Hard Rock Cafe-20

Overall, it was nice to stop by at Hard Rock Cafe Singapore again after a long period of absence. The experience was quite similar to the past. The new interior is for the better.  Getting rid of the Caddy was a bad idea.

Hard Rock Cafe-1

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPS 3 Tops

Hard Rock Cafe Singapore
50 Cuscaden Road
#02-01, HPL House
Singapore 249724

Chope Reservations

Tel : +65-62355232

HRC SG menu


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