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Paradise Teochew VivoCity – dim sum at new Teochew restaurant

Paradise Teochew VivoCity is the latest new restaurant by the Paradise restaurant group. It is located in a quiet corner of level 1 of Vivo City (it is the last unit along the side facing Sentosa and furthest away from Harbourfront). Yet it was a full house when we were there. I think the opening promotion which is on till 7 Dec 2018 might have contributed to it.  Please see photo below for details.

Paradise Teochew Vivo City
Paradise Teochew Vivo City

Paradise Teochew Vivo City
Paradise Teochew Vivo City Outlet Opening Promotion

Paradise Teochew VivoCity is currently the second Teochew outlet of the Paradise Group. The other one is at Scotts Square.  There used to be another one at the Chinese Swimming Club, but that has since closed. The decor of the new Teochew restaurant at Vivo City shares some design themes as the Scotts Square but is much bigger and nicer. The glass wall at one side gives the place a spacious atmosphere.  You can view our post on the Scott Square outlet for comparison.

Paradise Teochew Vivo City menu

The Paradise Teochew Vivo City menu shares many common items with the one at Scotts Square, but we were informed that there is a wider food selection at Vivo City. We ordered a selection of HK dim sum items (which enjoy a 30% discount) and a couple of a la carte items.

Paradise Teochew Vivo City menu
Paradise Teochew Vivo City menu

Here are pictures of the dim sum which we ordered. The steamed dim sum items –  xiao long bao ($5.20) and steamed dumpling with preserved vegetables ($6.20) were average.

Xiao long bao and steamed dumpling with preserved vegetables.
Pan-fried Teochew dumpling

The pan-fried Teochew dumpling (koo chye kueh $5.80) and the baked BBQ pork pastry (char siew soh $6.20) were good in taste but they were small in size.

Baked BBQ pork pastry (char siew soh).

Crispy radish pastry

The best dim sum items were also the most beautiful ones. The crispy radish pastry ($6.80) and the crisp yam ring with scallop ($7.80) looked almost too good to eat.  They were not the run of the mill dim sum items. The prices for dim sum indicated here are for portions of 3 pieces and before the discount.

There are various types of Teochew porridge available at Paradise Teochew Vivo City menu. We tried the porridge with minced pork and fried flat fish. Teochew diners will probably appreciate the traditional dried fish (‘tee poh’) taste.

The two items that we tried from the a la carte menu were the pan-fried seafood and yam pancake (picture above, $24) and the roasted chicken served with yellow beans and water chestnuts ($20 for half chicken). The pancakes were bland and dry. We liked the chicken more. It was cooked till the meat fell off the bones easily and the gravy was tasty. Fortunately, the two dishes can be combined.  The gravy from the chicken rescued the pancakes.

Overall, it seems that Paradise Teochew Vivo City has started well. We can see why – the place is impressive, service is attentive and the food is interesting. It will take a few visits to explore and find out our favourite items.

Paradise Teochew Vivo City Entrance

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops


Paradise Teochew VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk
VivoCity #01-53
Singapore 098585

Tel: +65 6221 0159

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri:
11am – 3.00pm (Last order at 2.30pm)
6.00pm – 10.30pm (Last order at 10.00pm)

Sat, Sun & PH:
10.30am – 3.30pm (Last order at 3.00pm)
6.00pm -10.30pm (Last order at 10.00pm)

Nearby MRT Station: HarbourFront


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