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Huggs Collective Aibi Maxwell Cafe – Calm Oasis in Busy Tanjong Pagar

Huggs Collective Aibi Maxwell Cafe is a place to hide from the crowded world of Singapore CBD. We went there for coffee after a heavy unagi lunch at Unatoto Unagi restaurant in Guoco Tower.

Huggs Collective Aibi Maxwell Cafe

A low rise building just beside Guoco Tower, AIBI Maxwell is described as a “... wellness facility devoted to inspiring our community towards life-long wellness.”. There is a gym and they organise fitness classes and mindfulness programs. Our attention was focused on the large Huggs Collective Aibi Maxwell cafe at the premises.

Huggs Collective Aibi Maxwell Cafe

According to its website, Huggs was established in 2008. Since then, it has grown to become Singapore’s largest homegrown specialty coffee brand. This is an impressive achievement in a short time. They also have a large pleasant Huggs Thomson Plaza cafe.

We were not surprised to see the different seating areas at the Huggs Collective Aibi Maxwell Cafe. This seems to be one of the distinguishing features of Huggs from the usual cafes. At Maxwell Road, they have the usual open dining area, an exclusive lounge area for members and the stadium seating zone. But this one is even more impressive because of the scale of the place. The stadium area is a nice big area to screen movies.

Huggs Collective Aibi Maxwell Cafe

Huggs Collective Aibi Maxwell Cafe Menu

The menu at Huggs Collective Aibi Maxwell Cafe is also similar that the ones at the other branches. Another unique feature of Huggs is the availability of local Kopi and Teh, together with their usual variants such as kopi o and kopi c etc.

Huggs Collective Aibi Maxwell Cafe Menu

The food choices on display are the usual suspects – different types of wraps, pies and cakes.

Our Coffee Break at Aibi Maxwell

The cafes at Guoco Tower were all very crowded. The Huggs Cafe at Aibi Maxwell was a stone’s throw away, across a narrow road. It made sense to check out this quiet cafe. We tried a mix of local and espresso coffees and a brownie. The cappuccino and latte ($6.50) were of a normal cafe standard.

The local kopi o ($2.8) and kopi c ($3.40) were a little watery but not bad overall. Some coffeeshops serve stronger, more concentrated coffee. Since our main objective was to find a nice quiet place, we were not too fussy about the drinks or food. The cheapest kopi o was the best choice for this purpose.

Huggs Collective Maxwell Cafe
30 Maxwell Rd, #01-03
Singapore 069114

Opening Hours:
Sun to Thu 9 am to 5 pm
Fri & Sat 9 am to 7 pm

Nearby MRT Station: Tanjong Pagar


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