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The Ordinary Patrons (TOP) Singapore Food Blog

The Ordinary Patrons - Singapore Food Blog

The Ordinary Patrons (TOP) is a Singapore food blog by ordinary people looking for places to eat in Singapore, and occasionally overseas.

We write to remind ourselves of some of the places we have visited and to share our whole dining experience – so it is not just about delicious food (which is very important) but also about the atmosphere of the restaurant, the service and value for money from our perspective. It is about whether we would like to eat there again and whether we would readily recommend the place to our friends.

We are not food journalists or influencers of any sort nor do we try to be. Ordinary Patrons are just everyday folks who like to eat. We try our best to be impartial but our comments are based on our personal preferences and what we experienced on our visit on a particular day. There is a fair chance that your experience on another day may be different. So our opinions of restaurants and cafes are just that – our opinions based on our own encounters.

We also share news about Singapore’s food and beverage scene, drawing on press releases, insider tips and personal discoveries.

We try to give the most updated information at the time of the writing. However, information in any of our postings is correct only based on the resources available at that time. Please check with the relevant establishment for updated information – particularly about promotions, menu, opening hours or even if it is still operating in a particular location.

The Ordinary Patrons (TOP) Singapore food blog is one by ordinary paying customers. TOP do not publish any paid post or sponsored post. We have not accepted invitations to free media tasting or offers to write sponsored posts. We visit restaurants anonymously so that we can share the experience as ordinary patrons.

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From Business Times, 24 July 2015

Is it realistically possible to write an objective review if one is being hosted to a free meal?

“Honestly? Unlikely,” says Tan Ken Loon of The Naked Finn. “Once the restaurant knows who you are, you will get special treatment and it will make you feel obligated. Even if you don’t, you will have a totally different experience to other consumers and the review would be distorted.”

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18 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Oh how thrilled I am to have stumbled upon your blog – thanks to your serendipitous visit to mine! But how sorry I am that I wasn’t plugged into your picks of Singaporean eats LAST week, when I spent a few days there…would have come in super handy! I’m bookmarking you for my next visa run 😉 And by the way, have you stopped by the just-opened Cafe Angelina (direct from Paris) at the Capitol? Oh, such heavenly hot chocolate…

  2. Just really love your blog totally unlikely others with tonnes of media invites that just puts me off. U guys are great Keep it up!

  3. finally,a food blog without the paid reviews! I had given up on reading food blogs with most having paid reviews, it just seemed kind of meaningless. I was so tempted to start my own instead!

  4. Great to find a food blog that is not plastered with media invites and advert. Content is quality and I like the way how it is curated. Keep on blogging!

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