Weekend brunch at new restaurant Summerlong at Quayside

We had brunch at new restaurant Summerlong at Quayside despite the warning from respected food critic Wong Ah Yoke about thumping music and sweltering heat in his review, “Summerlong – A buzzy Mediterranean restaurant with Middle Eastern influences” (ST 4 June 2017). We figured that we could be from a different demographic and therefore be more receptive towards thumping music.  If we went early, we could beat the crowds and the heat of the Singapore afternoon sun. It turned out that we were partially right.

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Lunch at Botanico at the Garage (Singapore Botanic Gardens)

Botanico at the Garage in Singapore Botanic Gardens is the restaurant located above the casual diner Bees Knees (read about our visit here). Still relatively new, Botanico had previously only opened for dinner. They recently started serving lunch. They have set lunch options which looked interesting and so we made a beeline to Botanico for lunch recently.

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Spize Rifle Range – Asian & Western restaurant at Temasek Club

budget restaurants in Singapore

Last week, we wrote about our visit to the Chinese restaurant at Temasek Club in Rifle Range Road.  Today, we will tell you about the other restaurant there, the Spize Rifle Range restaurant – Asian & Western restaurant at Temasek Club.  You do not need to be an army officer or MINDEF or a member of the club to patronise the restaurants. Both the restaurants are open to the public.

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Boca Restaurant Singapore – Portuguese Cuisine in Bukit Pasoh

Boca Restaurant Singapore

Boca Restaurant Singapore - 21

Boca Restaurant Singapore is one of the few (possibly the only) Portuguese restaurant in the country. It has been about a year since it opened along Bukit Pasoh Road, taking over the space formerly occupied by Italian restaurant Oca Grassa. With so many dining options available in this part of Tanjong Pagar, including the neighbouring Keong Saik Road, we finally had the chance to find out what Portuguese food is like.

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Delicacy by Food & Wine Merchants – new restaurant at Gemmill Lane


Delicacy by Food & Wine Merchants is a new restaurant at Gemmill Lane, the small lane off Club Street. Delicacy is a small restaurant housed in a quaint looking shophouse. If we had not already read about this restaurant, we would not have figured out what kind of restaurant it is from its name or its decor.

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Her name was Lolla

Lolla Singapore

Lolla Singapore02

Lolla restaurant on Ann Siang Road that is, and yes, she was a showgirl. The prime dining area of Lolla is at the bar counter where 15 or so lucky diners get to see the chefs perform their craft at close range. The open concept kitchen means that everything in the kitchen was on display – from the culinary skills of the chefs to the ingredients that they were putting into the food.

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