Chinatown Singapore

Gelato and Coffee at Casa Italia, Chinatown Point (Outlet Closed)

Casa Italia, Chinatown Point

Not having been to Chinatown Point in a long while, we were surprised to see the transformation that had taken place since our last visit some years ago. The retail areas have been rationalised and there is a good mix of shops. More importantly, there were many food outlets and restaurants at Chinatown Point. It was also good to see the wide variety of food available. With its location in the heart of Chinatown, one would expect a fair amount of Chinese and local food options and indeed that is the case. But other cuisines were also represented. Casa Italia, an Italian casual restaurant attracted us with its bright colours and its big display of gelato. We fell for the beckoning of the sweet stuff and made an unscheduled stop for coffee and Italian ice-cream.

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和平饭店 Wo Peng Cuisine Chinese Restaurant in Furama Hotel, Singapore

Wo Peng Chinese Restaurant

The last time we were at Wo Peng Cuisine (和平饭店) Chinese restaurant was some years back at their branch on McPherson Road. We remembered that the food was good but for some reason (probably the difficult parking situation there), we did not return.  The Wo Peng Cuisine McPherson Road outlet had since been closed and their two current restaurants are at Furama Hotel in Singapore’s Chinatown area and in the residential area of Serangoon Gardens.  We were at the Furama Hotel restaurant for lunch recently.

This was an egg-shaped object placed on the table. Can you guess what is it?  The answer is at the end of this post.


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Spring Court Restaurant – best popiah in Singapore?

Spring Court-33

Spring Court Restaurant is (according to its website), the oldest family-run restaurant in Singapore. With a history dating back to 1929 when Wing Choon Yuen opened in Great World Amusement Park, this makes it one of the oldest restaurants in Singapore. Despite its long history and the heritage building along Upper Cross Street where it is now located, the interior of their Chinese restaurant is surprisingly modern looking. The leading signature dish of the Spring Court Restaurant is the humble popiah (which some say is the best popiah in Singapore) and we had the chance to sample this, as well as other dishes at the restaurant at lunch recently.

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Ming Fa Fish Ball Noodles

Ming Fa Fishball Chinatown

Sometimes all you want is a simple meal – tasty but nothing elaborate or fancy. A nice hot bowl of fish ball noodles fits the bill nicely for me. Those simple fish balls may not be mentioned in the same breath as sophistication or fine dining but well made bouncy fish balls can bring so much simple pleasures. I was reminded of that, after a long day, when I had Ming Fa fish ball noodles at People’s Park recently.

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Lee Kui Teochew Restaurant (李贵) in Chinatown, Singapore – where time has stood still (Closed)

Lee Kui Teochew Singapore - 1

Lee Kui Teochew Restaurant in Mosque Street is a top ‘must try’ Teochew restaurant in Singapore. It is a Teochew restaurant to go to not only for the food but also its authentic traditional atmosphere. The full name of the restaurant is  Lee Kui (Ah Hoi) Restaurant 李貴(亚蟹)席館. Enter this restaurant in Chinatown and be transported back in time to a restaurant in Singapore in the seventies.

Lee Kui Teochew Restaurant - 14

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