Chinatown Restaurant (renamed China Classic Restaurant) at Chinatown Point

Chinatown Restaurant (renamed China Classic Restaurant with a new operator) )is a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown Point. Located on level one of this popular shopping mall in the heart of Singapore’s Chinatown, it was formerly known as Lukyu Teahouse and Restaurant. Chinatown must be the most bustling place in Singapore on a normal weekday. At lunchtime, Chinatown Point draws in the hungry crowds. Many of its food outlets and restaurants were full.  The only place with some space and peace and quiet was the Chinatown Restaurant.  We were there for a dim sum lunch recently.

Chinatown Restaurant Chinatown Point 2017

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Royal Pavilion Chinese Restaurant at Park Regis Singapore

Royal Pavilion Chinese Restaurant at Park Regis Singapore is not a new Chinese restaurant. It has been in operation for a few years, but it has not been on our dining radar, until recently. With the usual Singapore Cantonese restaurant heavyweights like Wah Lok, Summer Pavilion, Imperial Treasure and Crystal Jade always at the front of our minds, the less familiar Cantonese restaurants tend to get forgotten. We therefore made a specific effort to have lunch at Royal Pavilion Chinese Restaurant. A dive into the unknown rather than going to a familiar favourite.

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AJ Hotdogs & Subs in Havelock II (Closed)

AJ Hotdogs at Havelock II

AJ Hotdogs & Subs

There are many who are happy about the news that A&W and it’s root beer float and coney dog will be making a return to Singapore. For those waiting impatiently for the return of A&W because they missed the classic hotdog associated with Coney Island, they may find a good substitute at AJ Hotdogs and Subs in Havelock II.

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