Affordable Romantic Restaurants in Singapore

ALATI - romantic restaurant

Romantic restaurants in Singapore with nice subdued ambience, good unobtrusive service and that special element that will help to make a meal memorable are not all extraordinarily expensive. There are affordable romantic restaurants in Singapore that will leave both your special date and your wallet happy. We list The Ordinary Patrons’ favourite affordable romantic restaurants – charming places where we can have dinner for 2 at under $120.

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A Romantic Dinner at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Where should we go for a romantic dinner in Singapore? Is a common question that we are often asked. “It depends” is our usual answer. It is not that we cop out of answering the question, but because what is “romantic” varies with each person. For some it is a candle light dinner in a dark French restaurant, for some it is a top notch sushi dinner. I had a chance to be invited for dinner recently to a romantic dinner in Singapore – at the Corner House restaurant in the Botanic Gardens.

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SKAI Restaurant – Exciting new restaurant at Swisshotel The Stamford (Level 70)


SKAI Restaurant is the new restaurant that replaces the Equinox at the top of Swisshotel The Stamford Hotel. SKAI Restaurant, described as a lively contemporary grill, is a new place with a fresh concept that opened only last week. We are glad that they have made the change. If you have $45++ and two hours to spend, we can’t think of a better way to spend it than to try the 3-course lunch menu at SKAI Restaurant.

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Mitzo Set Lunch – at Singapore’s most colourful Chinese restaurant

We were back again at Singapore’s most colourful Chinese restaurant – this time to try the Mitzo set lunch.  Even though we have been there before, the Mitzo restaurant in Grand Park Orchard (the hotel opposite Orchard Paragon) never fails to amaze us. We spent a disproportionate amount of time staring at the live jellyfish swimming in the aquarium at the bar. I suppose part of the reason for the disco decor is that a new persona emerges at night.  According to the Mitzo website, “When night falls, like a true chameleon, Mitzo takes on the persona of a modern supper club, blurring the lines between restaurant, cocktail bar and club”.

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Tapas 26 Dempsey – former Spanish restaurant La Ventana rebranded, re-located

The Spanish restaurant La Ventana at Dempsey Hill has rebranded itself and moved to another location within the Dempsey village. It is a stone’s throw from the old location. Tapas 26 Dempsey is the new entity. The place is new and it no longer has the collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Charles Gaig. Yet the layout and feel of the new restaurant felt roughly familiar. Chef Gaig, in the meantime, has opened his own restaurant known as Gaig Restaurant in downtown Singapore.

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