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La Braceria Italian Pizza and Grill at Greenwood Ave


La Braceria is one of the many restaurants clustered along the Greenwood area of the upmarket Watten Estate residential district. It is owned by the Iannone brothers who hail from Italy and whose  mission is to serve honest, authentic Italian food.

It is a cosy, dimly lit restaurant that is decorated very simply. On a weekday, business at lunchtime is relaxed but we were told that reservations are advised for dinner and are essential for weekends. We asked for some recommendations and were offered a few suggestions of which we ordered the following two.


The Antipasto Braceria ($42) is a large platter of assorted grilled vegetables, cold cuts and a large blob of burrata cheese. “Burrata” means ‘buttered’ in Italian and looks like mozzarella but it is not the same. Although it is also made from buffalo milk,  it is more creamy and has a different texture.  It was a delicious and refreshing platter of antipasto  for a hot Singapore day. The portion is large and can be easily shared among three or four patrons.


Our other dish of the day was the fettucine with porcini and button mushroom and wagyu beef ($24). They had thoughtfully served the dish in two portions, knowing that we were sharing it. The actual dish was therefore double the size of what you see in the photo above.  This was really authentic Italian pasta, with the porcine and the beef imparting a complex taste to it.

The Italian food was a good match with the bottle of Don Melchor 2005 which we had brought along. They were kind enough not to charge corkage on that day!


Food : 4
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere : 3
Overall Rating : 4 TOPs
4 tops

Average price per person for lunch : $35

Chope Reservations

La Braceria
5 Greendale Avenue

Tel: +65 6465 5918

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