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Margarita’s Restaurant, Mexican food in Dempsey, Singapore

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We had Mexican food at Margarita’s Restaurant in Dempsey recently. There are not many Mexican restaurants in Singapore, but in this building alone, there are two large restaurants. The other one is La Salsa. Being creatures of habit, we always keep going back to Margarita’s. We will make it a point to visit La Salsa the next time.

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The Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant is a dimly lit but attractive place. The decor has a warm and cosy feel. Tables are set reasonably far apart. There are also some outdoor seating along the narrow patio space. They serve the usual Mexican food plus a good selection of Mexican drinks. Here are pictures of some sections of the food and drinks menu.

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From our previous experiences at Margarita’s Restaurant, we know that the portions served are quite large and so we limited ourselves to one main course each. The compulsory dish for us every time we eat here is the fajita. We selected the chicken fajitas ($32) this time.  Our other dish was the signature dish of Margarita’s Restaurant – baked crab enchiladas ($36). The drinks of choice of the day were a strawberry Margarita ($19) and a Corona beer ($12).

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The chicken fajitas were served in a hot pan. Five tortillas were provided to wrap the chicken in. Guacamole, sour cream, jack cheese and red salsa were served in small jars . This was a great dish as usual. The pieces of chicken were tender and charred at some edges.   This is the dish that keeps us coming back.

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The crab cake enchiladas were like two large rolls of popiah. They contained a creamy sauce with crab meat. The taste was light and mild and was a good contrast to the stronger tasting fajitas. They were served with some rice, salad and beans.  In total, it was too much for one person to eat everything. Overall, a good dish, but not as addictive as the fajitas.

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Overall, our eating experience at Margarita’s Restaurant was as we had anticipated. The consistency of the fajitas is amazing. Each time, they were served in the same high quality. The challenge for us when we eat at Margarita’s is in deciding what other dish to order.

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Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

Margarita’s Restaurant
11 Dempsey Road #01-19
Singapore 249673

Tel : +65 6471 3228

Margarita’s Facebook

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