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Fancy breads from Takashimaya DONQ French Bakery

Takashimaya Donq Bakery - 5

DONQ Boulangerie Francaise is a bakery located at basement 2 of the Takashimaya Shopping Centre. It is a bakery that we had not previously noticed before, probably because DONQ is not situated at the event hall end of the Takashimaya store where we find most of the other bakeries such as Peck, Proofer, St Leaven etc.  DONQ is all by itself, almost at the other end of the store. The displays looked quite pretty so we decided to buy some.

Takashimaya Donq Bakery - 1

Takashimaya Donq Bakery - 4

Takashimaya Donq Bakery - 3

Takashimaya Donq Bakery - 2

We bought a Rouge Fromage $2.60 and a Green Tea and Chocolate ($2.40) on account of their looks alone. They looked so nice and different from the run of the mill breads.  Our final choice was a  which was a plain Jane as compared to the others. The only reason we bought it was because it was listed as the “Best Seller No 1”. Here is a group photo of the three buns that we bought. I think it is obvious which is the cheese cookie.

Takashimaya Donq Gourmet Grocery - 2

Here is another view of the trio. We only took individual pictures of the two glamourous looking ones.

Takashimaya Donq Gourmet Grocery - 3

The green tea and chocolate bread was beautiful in an unorthodox way. The contrast of the dark chocolate sheen and crusty texture was quite unusual. It was quite a dense type of bread.  We could not detect any green tea taste.  There was some good tasting gooey chocolate filling inside. But the chocolate quantity was very small. So most of the time we were eating plain dense bread.

Takashimaya Donq Gourmet Grocery - 4

We bought the Rouge because it looked like the shape of ripples when a drop of water hits the water surface (usually seen in a high speed photo). It was also supposed to have the taste of red wine. This beauty also had no personality. It was basically a crusty bun with a cube of cheese in the centre.

Takashimaya Donq Gourmet Grocery - 1


The best item was the cheese cookie.  It had cheese filling. The texture of this bun was more like cake than bread. The combined taste was very good. We will probably buy this again. Moral of this story – don’t judge a bun by its cover.


DONQ Boulangerie Francais
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
B203 Basement 2 Food Hall
391A Orchard Road
Singapore 238873

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