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Anjappar Westgate Indian restaurant in Jurong East

Anjappar Westgate is a branch of the Anjappar Authentic Chettinaad Restaurant whose main restaurant is located on Race Course Road in Singapore’s Little India. Anjappar restaurant serves authentic Chettinaad cuisine.  This is cuisine from the Chettinaad area of the Tamil Nadu state in Southern India. We learnt from a previous visit to the main branch of this Indian restaurant that the food from this region is known for its sophisticated use of spices and refinement. One notable aspect of their curries is that coconut milk is not used.  The food consequently does not feel so heavy.

The Anjappar Westgate restaurant is simple and neatly laid out. The set meals section of the menu attracted me especially the $9.50 Anjappar Regular Meals.  But I was told that the chicken gravy was pure gravy.  No meat.  And so I proceeded to look at the biriyani section of the menu.  A creature of habit, I ordered the familiar Chicken Biriyani ($11).  To see other dishes of Anjappar, you can read our post on our visit to the main restaurant in Little India here.

Here are some pages from the Anjappar Westgate menu.

The chicken biriyani was accompanied by a small dishes of yogurt and gravy.  The untidy pot of biriyani looks small but it holds quite a lot of chicken and rice. Once unpacked onto the plate, it fully filled up the plate.

The basmati rice was cooked very well. Soft and dry, with each grain clearly defined.  Very tasty as well and can be eaten on its own with just a bit of the gravy.  In addition to pieces of chicken, there was also an egg hidden under the rice.

Overall, a very substantial and tasty meal for $12.95 (after service charge and GST) at Anjappar Westgate.  I was unable to finish all that rice, some remained in the pot.



Westgate #04-08

3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532
Tel:  +65 6566 5545

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