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Erawan Tea Room – all you can eat Thai food at Grand Hyatt Bangkok

We concluded that Erawan Tea Room at Grand Hyatt Bangkok is not a good place to go for those with slim figures and are calorie counting. But if over-eating is not a concern and you have the time and appetite to try all kinds of Thai food, then it is a good place for dinner.  Erawan Tea Room opens daily. At dinner time from 6pm to 9,30pm, they have an all-you-can-eat option that costs $950++ baht per person (approx S$40++).  We thought that it was good value for money dinner at a 5-star hotel and at a restaurant that has a Michelin Plate status.    The Plate symbol was launched to recognize restaurants that ‘simply serve good food’.   We do not have much of a figure to worry about and so there was nothing to lose. This story is about our two-hour, 2000 calories dinner in Bangkok.

Erawan Tea Room Menu

The Erawan Tea Room all you can eat dinner is not a buffet. It is a regular dinner and diners order from a menu.  Here are pictures of the menu.  It does not contain expensive dishes such as lobster or similar, but it looks comprehensive enough for us.

Erawan Tea Room All You Can Eat Menu

Erawan Tea Room All You Can Eat Menu

We experienced a serious case of conflict of interest at Erawan Tea Room.  We were torn between our curiosity to try as many items on the menu as possible and the concern about over-ordering and wasting food.

The starters

This is the first round of food that we ordered. A mix of appetizers and finger foods.  Here is a picture of some of them. The two memorable items being the crispy and light spring roll and the Thai chicken satay that was served with tiny pieces of toast. I suppose the bread took the place of ketupat which was absent.

The main courses

There were more dishes after that. Here is a picture of the more serious items – curries, fried items – dishes that fall under the curries, fried items and noodles of the menu.


The Thai crabmeat omelette (above) was rendered tastier than usual by the Thai herbs. Not much crabmeat was detected.  The evergreen Thai streetfood – Phad Thai was served with a generous amount of prawns and bean sprouts.

The best tasting dish of the day was fried sea bass fillet – very fresh fish with an unusual mix of Thai flavours.  In the end, we did quite well – we probably tried around 15 items without significant wastage.  We did request that the portions be made as small as possible.


By then we had maxed out our food intake capacity.  But we could not leave a Thai restaurant without trying the Thai desserts. There were ten items listed in the desserts section of the Erawan Tea Room all you can eat menu.  These were the three desserts that we ended up with – red rubies, mango and sticky rice and chendol.

Coffee was served with the meal.  In addition our servers suggested some ginger tea, which they said will help with digestion. We gladly accepted their offer. Overall, the all you can eat dinner at Erawan Tea Room was a great place to experience so many types of Thai cuisine in one sitting.


Food: 3

Service: 5

Value: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops


Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok
494 Rajdamri Road
Thailand Map


BTS Sky Train – Ratchadamri Station

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