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Miraku 味楽 – new sushi restaurant with amazing lunchtime deal

Miraku 味楽 is a new sushi restaurant in China Square Central near Raffles Place and Shenton Way. Like many good sushi places, it is small, intimate and with limited seats around a counter. The only problem with these types of restaurants is that they tend to serve only expensive omakase meals. New sushi restaurant Miraku tempted us through the door with an amazing value 13 course sushi lunch priced at $38++.

Miraku 味楽 - new sushi restaurant
Miraku 味楽 - new sushi restaurant
Miraku Restaurant

Miraku sushi restaurant has a simple under-stated exterior. You can walk by without knowing it was there. What caught our eye was the red sign outside. Under the list of Seasonal Omakase Courses, was the 13 course lunch that cost $38. In some upscale sushi places, $38 may be the price of one piece of premium sushi.

Miraku 味楽 - omakase course menu

The interior of Miraku sushi restaurant is an oasis of calm. It was quiet when we first arrived. Two more couples arrived in the course of our lunch. If not for the prices displayed outside we would not have thought of having lunch a place like this – it looks too expensive. We were attended to by one of the two young local chefs. He was friendly and helpful.

This is a sneak peak of the seafood that was set aside to be served to us.

Miraku 味楽 - fresh seafood for sushi

Miraku sushi restaurant menu

Here are pictures of the Miraku Seasonal Omakase Course Menu and drink list. Dining here gets more pricey in the evening when the course dinners start from $98++.

Miraku sushi restaurant menu

13 Course Sushi Lunch

The 13 course lunch at Miraku was made up of an appetiser, 9 pieces of nigri sushi and a hand roll, soup and dessert. The appetiser was a simple salad. The slice of corn from Hokkaido was extremely sweet and flavourful.

This was followed by the nigri sushi. They were served to us one after another according to the pace of our eating. Each was well seasoned – we just need to pop each one into our mouth. The taste of each one was enjoyable, similar to some of the top sushi places we have tried in Singapore and Japan. I cannot remember all the types of sushi we had, but there were toro, bream, scallop among the nine pieces. Each piece was quite small, but the quality was very good. Here are pictures of some of them.


All good things had to come to an end. Our lunch at Miraku sushi restaurant came to an end with a hand roll of super crispy seaweed, soup and yuzu ice-cream.

Miraku Sushi Restaurant is also the kind of place to hold a private party. All you need is 15 guests and you can book up the place. It seems that many have the same idea. We noticed quite a few days of “closed for private party” notices on the Miraku Facebook Page. It is best to book or call in advance if you are planning to go there.


Food: 5
Service: 4
Value: 5
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 5 TOPs  5 tops

Miraku Sushi Restaurant
3 Pickering Street
#01-31 Nankin Row
Singapore 048660

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 11:30am-3pm; 6-10pm
Closed Sunday

Nearby MRT Stations: Telok Ayer

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The techniques are merely a means of creation. It is more important that they are behind the scenes helping the ingredients to shine.- Seiji Yamamoto quote
The techniques are merely a means of creation. It is more important that they are behind the scenes helping the ingredients to shine. – Seiji Yamamoto

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