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Poulet + Brasserie – new restaurant in ION with good affordable food

Poulet + Brasserie (or P+) is a new dining concept by the Minor Food Group. The new restaurant at ION Orchard is an extension of the popular Poulet chain which is known for its French roast chicken and duck confit. The menu offers more than poultry dishes and has all-day breakfast dishes and pasta as well as fish and meat for mains. P+ also offers a very affordably priced 3 Course Feast menu.

Poulet + Brasserie ION Orchard

The new casual dining restaurant in Basement 3 of ION Orchard has bright airy interiors. Arty monochrome photographs on the walls and plants and flowers help to create a contemporary cafe atmosphere. There is an eclectic mix of seating arrangements – booth seats, large communal tables, regular dining tables and so forth.

Poulet + Brasserie ION Orchard
Poulet + Brasserie (P+) at Orchard

Poulet + Brasserie Menu

Poulet + Brasserie at ION is helmed by chef Joshua Khoo (Shatec graduate and one of the founders of Saveur). His menu comprises contemporary French cuisine with local flavours. P+ Roast Chicken, Signature Duck Confit, Jumbo Prawn & Garlic Pasta, Market Seafood Eggs Benedict, Salad de Rojak and Kaya French Toast are among the interesting items on the menu. Below are pictures of menu board and menu of Poulet + Brasserie at ION Orchard.

Highlights of Menu of Poulet + Brasserie
Menu Highlights of Poulet + Brasserie

Menu of Poulet + Brasserie
Menu of Poulet + Brasserie
Menu of Poulet + Brasserie
Menu of Poulet + Brasserie
Dessert Menu of Poulet + Brasserie
Drinks Menu of Poulet + Brasserie

There is a 3 Course Feast Menu which allows a choice of starter, main course and dessert plus a drink. The prices start at $18.

Poulet + Brasserie at ION - 3 Course Feast
3 Course Feast Menu of Poulet + Brasserie

Lunch at Poulet + Brasserie

We had lunch at Poulet + Brasserie at ION and ordered the Truffle Chicken Alfredo Pasta “3 Course Feast” ($18) and Spicy Baked Eggs With Tomatoes ($15). Service Charge and GST would be added to the bill.

Spicy Baked Eggs With Tomatoes


The Spicy Baked Eggs With Tomatoes of Poulet + Brasserie was served with crusty garlic bread. The dish was tomato concasse (tomato that has been peeled and chopped) mixed with spicy chorizo bits and topped with baked eggs with runny yolk. It was delectable eaten on its own and was also a delightful dipping sauce for the bread.

3 Course Feast

Lunch at Poulet + Brasserie

As part of the 3 Course Feast, we had the Brazillian Lemonade and Roast Tomato Soup. The unusual lemonade was a concoction of calamasi, lemon and milk. The refreshing drink was interesting and enjoyable. The tomato soup was very palatable. The creamy soup was full of flavours and the crushed peanuts added a nice textural element.

P+’s Truffle Chicken Alfredo Pasta was a nice satisfying dish. The linguine was well coated in a creamy, cheesy sauce with bacon bits, chicken slices and mushrooms adding a variety of textures and rich flavours.

The dessert that came with Poulet + Brasserie 3 Course Feast was crème fraiche with tapioca pearls and strawberries. It was an unusual combination which turned out rather well.

Affordable & Enjoyable Food

The food at Poulet + Brasserie at ION was enjoyable. The prices are reasonable. The 3 Course Feast is a really good value proposition. We will be happy to eat at Poulet + Brasserie again.

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

Poulet + Brasserie
ION Orchard #B3-21, 2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801

Tel: + 65 6509 4341

Opening Hours: 10 am – 10 pm

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An egg today is better than a hen tomorrow. - Benjamin Franklin  quote
An egg today is better than a hen tomorrow. – Benjamin Franklin

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