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Lunch at Tambuah Mas Great World City (new outlet)

Tambuah Mas is one of the oldest Indonesian restaurants in Singapore having been in business since 1981. Their new outlet, Tambuah Mas Great World City is one of the many new eateries that have recently opened at the newly renovated Great World City. We had lunch there recently.

Tambuah Mas Great World City

Among the sea of new eateries and bright signs, the familiarity and tranquility of Tambuah Mas Great World City was a welcome sight. Like their other two outlets at Tanglin Shopping Centre and Paragon, it has an old-school look of a traditional Indonesian restaurant that serves traditional Indonesian homestyle cuisine from Padang, Sulawesi and Java.

Tambuah Mas Great World City

Tambuah Mas Great World City Menu

Here are some sample pages from the Tambuah Mas Great World City menu. We have not eaten at Tambuah Mas for quite a while but we can still remember many of the dishes. The tahu telur ($12.50), chicken satay ($9.90) and lontong were our instinctive selections. An order of nasi campur ($13) completed our lunch selection.

Tambuah Mas Great World City Menu
Tambuah Mas Great World City menu

Tambuah Mas Great World City menu 2020

Our Lunch

The tahu telor (picture above) and sate ayam (picture below) were as good as we remembered them to be. These are the two must try items at Tambuah Mas. The tahu telor (fried beancurd with battered egg) looks like a big heavy dish, but was light and tasty. The satay was juicy and grilled to a nice slightly charred finish.


The lontong (picture above) and nasi campur (picture below) are quinetessential Indonesian dishes. Very nice and delicious. The latter is a complete meal for a single person – rice, vegetables, egg and a choice of chicken or beef. We selected beef rendang which was very tender and well cooked.

Overall, we have an enjoyable Indonesian lunch at Tambuah Mas Great World City. The new B1 level of GWC has been extensively renovated. We can’t wait to try the other food outlets there.

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs

Tambuah Mas Indonesian Restaurant
#B1-110/111 Great World City, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, 237994

Tel: +65 6235 6713


Great World City Car Park Rates:
Mondays – Fridays
0601 – 1700: $1.55 per hour + GST
1701 – 0600: $3.30 per entry + GST

Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays
0601 – 0600: $1.65 per hour +GST
subject to a max. of $6.00 per entry + GST

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1 thought on “Lunch at Tambuah Mas Great World City (new outlet)”

  1. Visiting great work city outlet. Service and people good . Food was do bad!!! The egg omelette had egg shell /very salty .. patches of salt not stirred. The kang Kongchilli was not fresh. The leaves were black and had green chilli .. tasted horrible. The ayam lemak curry so salty .. very salty the gravy and the chicken has was not cooked !!!!! Bloody ..What happen … wanted to get a nice dinner. Was the most horrible dinner. Please take the feedback seriously. Paid a amount and regretted … and never will go again… lack of chef ..dont compromise!!!!

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