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A Pleasant Surprise – First Culinary Restaurant in Ang Mo Kio

When it comes to Chinese restaurants with inviting and comfortable ambience, hotels and malls usually come to mind. So, the location of First Culinary Restaurant may surprise. This restaurant serving Southern Chinese cuisine finds its home within the ITE College Central campus in Ang Mo Kio.

First Culinary Restaurant in Ang Mo Kio

ITE College Central

ITE College Central houses four Schools – Business Services, Electronics & Info-Comm Technology, Engineering and Design & Media. A real Boeing 737 aircraft, a sound stage for performance production and a ship hull right in the workshop are among the training facilities found at ITE College Central.

Commercial and F&B outlets in ITE College Central

In Block A of ITE College Central, there is a mini mall which is open to the public. Commercial and F&B outlets there include 7 Eleven, Foodgle Hub Foodcourt, Sheng Siong Supermarket, Teng Sheng Food Gallery and ITE Epitome (cafe, retail, florists and hair salon sub-shops run by ITE students). First Culinary Restaurant is located within the mall.

First Culinary Restaurant in Ang Mo Kio

First Culinary  Restaurant

Stepping into First Culinary Restaurant, you will be greeted by a familiar contemporary Chinese restaurant ambience. It is unpretentious but inviting. The spacious interior has well-spaced tables, many catering to large groups with seating for ten or even more. There are also Private and Superior VVIP Rooms. It is a good venue for family celebrations or catching up with a big group.

First Culinary  Restaurant

Menu of First Culinary Restaurant

First Culinary Restaurant specialises in Southern Chinese cuisine, featuring traditional Hokkien, Cantonese, Teochew and Hakka dishes. Their extensive menu also offers a range of popular seafood and zhi char dishes. Their signature offerings include Taro Hive, Roast Duck, Garlic Beef Cube and Salted Egg Yolk Prawn.

Below are pictures of a few pages of the Menu of First Culinary Restaurant. Their full menus can be viewed on the restaurant’s website.

  • Menu of First Culinary Restaurant
  • Menu of First Culinary Restaurant
  • First Culinary Restaurant Menu
  • Menu of First Culinary Restaurant
  • First Culinary Restaurant Menu
  • First Culinary Restaurant Menu

Celebratory Meal

We were invited to join a family celebratory meal at First Culinary Restaurant. So there was a variety of dishes to savour.

Crispy Roasted Pork

The crispy roasted pork with mustard was an indulgent starter, followed by the luxurious Peking Duck. The crisp skin was served with the customary thin wrappers, while the meat was used to prepared a delicious noodle dish.

Next came the surprising star of the show – the beancurd with minced pork. It was incredibly smooth and packed with flavour – a very delicious dish prepared with simple ingredients. The aptly named “pork ribs king” lived up to their title. The meat was so tender it came off the bone easily and the complex flavours would delight the palate.


Another crowd-pleaser was the sweet and sour pork, a staple zhi char dish. The balance between sweetness and tartness was spot on, and the meat itself was tender with a satisfyingly chewy texture. Likewise, the fu yong omelette, a classic and uncomplicated dish, was well prepared.

We also had some vegetables and the delicious special crab meat fried rice. Someone in our dining party said he would return to First Culinary just to have the crab meat fried rice again.

To end on a sweet note, we shared the crispy bean paste pancakes, a delightful traditional Chinese dessert.

The lunch in the surprising location of an ITE campus was a thoroughly enjoyable affair. Great company, lively conversation and very good food – all the ingredients for a delightful meal.

Delicious food reasonably priced

First Culinary Restaurant offers a pleasant and spacious environment, with food that is both delicious and reasonably priced. It is a great venue for a family gathering or just a casual meal with friends or colleagues. So the next time you want a good Chinese meal, you may want to skip the usual suspects and take a road less travelled – head back to college for First Culinary Restaurant in ITE College Central.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops


First Culinary Restaurant
ITE College Central
2 Ang Mo Kio Drive, Block A #01-09
Singapore 567720

Tel: +65 6481 5500

Opening Hours: 10.30 am to 3 pm | 5.30 pm to 10 pm


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