River Valley

River Valley

Smoke House Charcoal BBQ @ Great World City (Closed)

Smoke House is the first of its kind retail and self-service Japanese BBQ restaurant in SIngapore.   You can purchase many kinds of meats, other types of food  and beverages at its retail area and then cook them yourself over a BBQ stove in the dining area.  Is this the perfect solution to having the …

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Chopsuey Cafe @ Martin Road (Outlet Closed)

Chopsuey Cafe is what happens when you cross a Chinese restaurant with P.S. Cafe. Having achieved great success, the folks behind P.S. cafe are now going into another dining genre. Chopsuey Cafe is their new modern Chinese-fusion restaurant concept which interprets classic Chinese dishes with a modern (Singapore?) twist. The restaurant at 38 Martin Road …

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Croute at Valley Point (Closed)

Croute (pronounced “krut”) at Valley Point is a great place to have brunch. Being essentially a bakery opened by chef-owner Bouk Cebula, the emphasis is on freshly baked bread and sandwiches; but there are other options such as eggs Benedict, pasta, risotto, chicken skewers and fish & chips. They also offer specials, that change from …

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(2016 update: Bochinche has moved to 115 Amoy Street) Other than Maradona, Messi and Evita, most of us do not know much about Argentina, let alone Argentinian food. So when we decided to have lunch at Bochinche, we really did not know what to expect. According to their website, “Bochinche celebrates that great passion for food …

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