TOP New Great World Restaurants and Food Places 2020

Like green shoots after the rain, new Great World restaurants have sprouted following the major renovations that started in 2018. It is now 2020 and most of the works are complete and Great World City (GWC) has a bright new look and a brand new name – Great World (we wonder how much they paid their consultants who came up with the rebranding of “Great World City” to “Great World”). Change of name aside, if you have not been there in the last 18 months, you may not recognise the place. Here are some TOP Great World restaurants and food places to check out. Some are totally new to Great World restaurants and others are familiar ones that were in GWC but have updated their stores.

TOP New Great World City Restaurants and Food Places 2020
Basement 1 Great World
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TOP Romantic Cafes for Casual Date Nights

Super Loco

Date night does not always have to mean fancy restaurants and candlelight dinner. For a first date or to keep things casual, a cosy cafe can be a great spot to meet and have a nice affordable meal while enjoying each other’s company. The cafe should preferably have a touch of romance and interesting enough to spark conversation. You may be thinking of setting up a first date. Or you may be meeting someone whose company you enjoy but want to keep things light and easygoing. Read on for a list of casual dining places in various locations of Singapore The Ordinary Patrons (TOP) have visited and which we think can be romantic cafes for casual date nights.

Birds of a Feather Cafe
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TOP Bakeries in Singapore

It has been said that “good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.” It may not be easy to find truly fresh butter in Singapore but we now have many places offering very good freshly baked bread and pastries. Many fine bakeries in Singapore offer more than just bread. It is even possible to have a good meal in a number of these bakeries. Here is a list of TOP Bakeries in Singapore – The Ordinary Patrons’ favourite places for fresh bread and pastries.

Bakery Cafe
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