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Obama and Honey at Alchemist Beer Lab, South Beach

Alchemist at South Beach

Obama and Honey at Alchemist Beer Lab is not another piece of fake news nor a scandalous tabloid story.  Obama is the name of a special stout at Alchemist Beer Lab which also serves a pale ale with honey and ginger. We had lunch at Alchemist Beer Lab at South Beach Avenue and enjoyed a glass of Obama as well as the Honey & Ginger Infused Pale Ale.

Alchemist Beer Lab at South Beach Avenue

According to their publicity material, Alchemist Beer Lab at South Beach is established by the people behind microbrewery-pub Little Island Brewing Co. located at Changi Village, and Alchemist has beer infusion towers with “a progressive and cutting edge system that allows brewers to introduce any type of ingredients into their infusions with optimal flavour extraction and fresh results”.

There is no doubt that they are proud of their beers and everything else is secondary. Alchemist Beer Lab has a small air-conditioned space which is dominated by the bar and the beer infusion towers. There is a large al fresco sitting area. Half of their menu is their drinks list and there are clearly more drinks items than food items. In the evening they serve tapas and for lunch they have a reasonably priced executive set lunch.

Alchemist Infusion Bar
Alchemist Beer Lab Menu

Alchemist Beer Lab Drinks List

The Alchemist Beer Lab Set lunch is priced at $15.90 and consists of a main and coffee or tea. We opted for the Ale Battered Sea Bass, Steak Sandwich ($2 add-on to the set lunch price) and Cubano Sandwich.

Alchemist Beer Lab Executive Set Lunch

The Ale Battered Sea Bass was served with potato wedges and salad. Their version of  beer battered fish and chips was not bad.

Alchemist Beer Lab Steak Sandwich

The sandwiches were served with salad on the side. The Steak Sandwich was made with a generous cut of juicy steak, garnishes and toasted bread. The sauce used enhanced the flavour of the meat. It was good quality stuff and delicious.

Alchemist Beer Lab Set Lunch

The Cubano Sandwich had filling of smoked ham, roasted pork, peppers, pickles and cheese. The flavours and textures of the different ingredients blended well to create a very enjoyable sandwich.

Alchemist Beer Lab Lunch

The food at Alchemist Beer Lab was tasty. However, you could tell that serving food was not the top priority for them because the food was served on disposal plates. Even the coffee, which was strong and good, came in paper cups.

Alchemist Beer Lab coffee

In contrast, the stout and ale we ordered came in beautiful glasses.

Alchemist Beer Lab Pale Ale

We thought Honey & Ginger Infused Ale was not a successful blend. It was nice but the taste of the honey was overpowering. It was like drinking honey with a little beer added.

The Obama was black stout with toasted marshmallow, vanilla and mint. It was a good strong stout with the other ingredients adding interest without taking anything away from the thick creamy dark beer. Three cheers for Obama!

Alchemist Beer Lab Stout

Alchemist Beer Lab at South Beach Avenue is a hot new spot for drinks and experimental infused beers. The affordably priced set lunch would be a good reason to visit Alchemist Beer Lab, especially when their Happy Hour starts at 12 noon.

Alchemist Infusion Beer Lab Singapore
4 tops

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs   

Alchemist Beer Lab
26 Beach Road
#B1-16, South Beach Avenue
Singapore 189768

Tel: +65 6386 4365

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu: 4 pm to 1 am
Fri: & Sat: 4 pm to 2 am
Closed on Sunday

Nearby MRT Stations: Esplanade, City Hall

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