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‘Atas’ Prata at Springleaf Prata Sunset Way (Clementi)

Springleaf Prata Place is a roti prata restaurant that has five outlets all over Singapore – Springleaf Prata Sunset Way (Clementi) is one of them. Do not be fooled by the address and the name.  This outlet has an address on Clementi Street 12, but it is not in the usual Clementi area, but located along Sunset Way. Despite the name, Springleaf Prata Place serves more than just prata, there are also items like thosai, noodles, murtabak, bryani etc on the menu. And the variety of each is very wide.  Which is why we ended up ordering a posh or ‘atas’ version of the humble roti prata.

 Springleaf Prata Sunset Way (Clementi)

Springleaf Prata Sunset Way is a neat, air-conditioned restaurant. There is also an outdoor, sheltered dining area. Place your orders and pay at the counter and they will serve it to you. It is best to read the menu before taking your place in the queue. There must be a hundred varieties of prata, murtabak etc and trying to decide which to order will hold up the queue forming up behind you.

Here are pictures of the Springleaf Prata Sunset Way Menu. Now you understand what I meant by “wide variety”. In addition to the menu there large colourful posters wowing us with new and exciting variants of the humble prata.  The fish head curry meal also looks interesting. We ended up ordering the Coin Prata Meal ($7.50) and the Umami 50 Prata ($8.90) and teh tarek ($1.30).

Springleaf Prata Sunset Way Menu

Springleaf Prata Sunset Way (Clementi)


Springleaf Prata Sunset Way (Clementi)

This is the Coin Prata Meal which seems to be only available at the Springleaf Prata Sunset Way outlet. It did not look as attractive as the one shown in the picture as the small (coin-sized) pratas were not stacked up. We had to to do some stacking for the photo and they look rather nice, stacked up. The pratas tasted very good – very crisp outside and still chewy inside. The meal comes with a drink and chicken curry that has a large piece of chicken. It can be a meal for two persons. Just order another plain prata to help mop up the curry.

Springleaf Prata Sunset Way (Clementi)
Springleaf Prata Sunset Way Coin Prata Meal

We were tempted by the name of the other prata – Umami 50. The word “umami” seems to invoke ideas of a delicious dish. At $8.90, this must be the most expensive prata we have ever tried. But it is not the most expensive on the menu. The one that gets that honour is the $10.90 salted egg prawn prata which we avoided as salted egg is so overused these days.

Springleaf Prata Sunset Way Umami Prata

The Umami 50 prata that was served was also not as beautiful as the one shown in the poster. But this time we could not help to beautify it as it was not even cut up into squares as shown in the picture.  It was a large, almost A4 sized pizza.  There is a self service station where customers help themselves to two types of curry – chicken and fish.

The Springleaf Umami prata – is a very heavy type pf prata. It contains many ingredients – cheese, egg, pieces of meat and probably other things I cannot identify. I found it too much of a good thing. Soaking it into the curry added another type of flavour.  don’t think cheese and curry should end up in the same place. It was an experiment to try out what the expensive prata was like. I think the plain prata is the more enjoyable prata.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating : 3 TOPs 3 Tops


Springleaf Prata Sunset Way (Clementi Branch)
106,Clementi Street 12,#01-64 Sunset way

Tel: 69969670, 91008134, 98535947

Opening Hours: 8am to 12am  (Closed first Monday of the month)

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