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The Spot Singapore – Trendy New Restaurant at Marina One

Some projects get deferred but some do get successfully completed.  One example of the latter is the Marina One development at Marina Bay Singapore.  For an overview of the f & b outlets there, please read our post Restaurants and Places to eat at Marina One Singapore. Today’s story is about our lunch at one of the nicest restaurants at Marina One – The Spot Singapore.

The Spot Singapore may have a simple name but its decor is quite elaborate. The entire restaurant in general is attractive but the spot that will draw your eye is the bar counter with the big light fixture above. The rest of the indoor dining space is dark and serious.

Situated right next door and linked to The Spot Singapore is the bottle shop, 1855 which sells mainly wines but also stocks a good range of other alcoholic beverages. The Japanese whiskies caught out attention.

Drink at Marina One 1855

The Spot Singapore Lunch Menu 

Anyway, back to our lunch at The Spot restaurant. A lunch time menu offers diners a choice of combining appetizers, main courses and desserts. The 2, 3 and 5 course options cost $30++, $38++ and $68++ respectively. We had a mixed selection from the list.

The Spot Singapore set Lunch Menu 

The Spot Singapore Lunch Menu

The Appetisers 

The roasted carrot soup looked simple but had a rich sophisticated taste. Made with lemongrass, chorizo and prawn salsa, the carrot soup was wonderful.

The warm baby squid was another appetizer with a pedestrian name but turned out to be very well prepared. The baby squids were the size of those we often see in seafood restaurants. But instead of hard crispy specimens that had their life deep-fried out of them, those were more gently treated. They were soft and still tasted like squid.

The Atlantic salmon was a more clean tasting starter. Served with citrus and sesame dressing, it had a more tangy taste which will freshen your taste buds.

Main Courses

The capellini was served al dente with a nice light flavour. According to the menu, they had made the pasta with “preserved olive vegetable tapenade”, I was not sure I could identify the taste of that but it was certainly enjoyable. Another memorable part of the dish was the cubes of lamb served with the pasta. Soft, tender and not gamey.

Another main course which was well liked was the “Local Skate” – I assumed it was sting ray as it had the texture of one. The magic of the dish was the sauce or seasoning used on the fish. “Dried Sole Coriander Broth, Salmon Roe” was how it was described in the menu.

The pan-fried snapper in green curry was probably the smallest main course dish that day. But what it lacked in quantity was made up in quality. The green curry was mild but really tasty.

After the snapper, this Pork Cheeks “BBQ” was the next best dish of the day. The relatively generous sized portion of pork was “grilled bak kwa style”. Which probably means a thin layer of sweet sauce.  It was a successfully executed dish.

The plainest dish of the day was the confit chicken leg.  We ate it because we were still hungry.

The Desserts

The desserts “frozen salted chocolate peanut” (above picture) and “sea coconut brûlée” (below) ended our lunch on a sweet note. These were delightful and not run-of-the-mill desserts which are often produced for set lunches.

The dishes at The Spot Singapore had simple names but had rather complex tastes. We were also impressed by the speed that the kitchen could churn out the dishes. Which is probably an important thing when the restaurant is situated in the heart of the financial district of Singapore. Time is money.

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 5
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops


The Spot
5 Straits View
Marina One The Heart
Singapore 018935 Map

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 7:30am-11pm
Sat: 5-11pm
Closed Sunday

Chope Reservations

Nearby MRT Stations: Marina Bay, Downtown

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