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NUSS Guild House Suntec City Bistro & Bar – steak & char kway teow lunch

The National University of Singapore Society (NUSS) operates three clubhouses. The NUSS Guild House Suntec City is one of them. The largest one is at the NUS campus at Kent Ridge. A new one has recently opened up on Mandalay Road (read about our visit to NUSS Mandalay here). We had a lunch of western and local delights at the NUSS Guild House Suntec City Bistro & Bar.

NUSS Suntec City Bistro & Bar
NUSS Guild House Suntec Bistro
NUSS Suntec City Bistro & Bar
The Bistro

The NUSS Guild House Suntec City Bistro & Bar is the heart of the Suntec clubhouse. I don’t think that there are any sporting facilities at this location. The Bistro is a good-sized restaurant. The best seats are those along the window that looks out to the Suntec fountain and Millenia Walk. The Bar is not connected to the Bistro. It is a few doors away. We will deal with the Bar later.

NUSS Guild House Suntec City Bistro & Bar Menu

There is a different menu for the Bar and the Bistro. The Bar menu contains small bite or Tapas items, in line with the music lounge character of the outlet. The Bistro Menu is more extensive and has a wide range of dishes – Western, Local, Chinese etc. There is a tze char section where patrons can order rice and cooked dishes. I understand that at certain hours, both the menus are accessible at either location. In fact the Bar serves as an overflow dining area for the Bistro which is a popular place at meal times (particularly lunch on weekdays).

Here are pictures of some pages of the NUSS Suntec City Bistro & Bar Food Menus

NUSS Suntec City Bistro & Bar Food Menus
NUSS Suntec City Bar Food Menu

NUSS Suntec City Bistro & Bar Food Menus
NUSS Suntec City Bistro Menu
NUSS Suntec City Bistro & Bar Food Menus

The Food at NUSS Guild House Suntec City

We started with a ngoh hiang ($9) from the Tapas menu. It has a crisp skin and nice fillings that were not ‘porky’ in taste. It is comparable to those from a good tze char restaurant.

Penang fried kway teow

We had a couple of noodle dishes from the tze char section. The Penang fried kway teow ($11, above picture) prepared very dry and with lots of lap cheong. It was not bad but was eclipsed by the beef hor fun with black bean sauce ($14, picture below). This hor fun was full of wok hei and flavour. It was a very delicious dish.

NUSS Suntec City Bistro Food
Beef hor fun with black bean sauce

For variety, we also had a Club Special Ribeye steak ($28). The 300g steak was served simply with a basket of fries and black pepper sauce on the side. The steak was a decent steak but did not have noticeable deep flavors. But at the price of $28, it is good value for money.

The Bistro

NUSS Suntec City Bar

For a change of scenery, we decided to proceed to the Bar for coffee and desserts. The Bar is the more attractive place with plush seats. But because it is mainly designed for lounging and drinking, eating a proper meal here is less comfortable. There is a choice of the low tables with nice seats or the high tables with the small seats.

NUSS Suntec City Bar

We had some cakes and coffee at the NUSS Guild House Suntec CIty Bar. I cannot recall the names of the cakes. They were all fine but not memorable. The food in the Bistro was much better, but the Bar has better ambience. There is live music in the evening.

NUSS Guild House Membership

In the course of writing this post, I had a look at the NUSS Guild House membership rules. It seems that membership is open to not just NUS graduates. Graduates from other local and foreign “recognised” universities can join as associate members. I do not know what that means, please refer to their website for the full terms. Another interesting thing I learnt is that it is much cheaper to join within 3 years of graduation – $2k instead of $10k in entrance fee. There is also a monthly subscription. I think the best way to dine at the Guild House is as a guest of a member.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

NUSS Suntec City Guild House
3 Temasek Boulevard (Tower 5)
#02- 401/402 Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983


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  1. Your reviewer to Nuss Guild House missed mentioning that a small slice of Gula Malacca cake cost $13/=…even hotels dont charge such exhorbitant price for a not even good, in fact only a thin top layer hinting of gula malacca flavour, piece of sponge cake as it turned out!

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