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Grand Hyatt Takeaway Review : Burger, Beef Rendang & Crab Cakes

Our first Grand Hyatt takeaway experience was in 2020 when Singapore was undergoing its COVID lockdown. It is now 2021 and we reviewed its takeaway / delivery menu again recently. Prices seems to have increased but they still have affordable takeaway selections.

grand hyatt takeaway review

Grand Hyatt Takeout Drive-Through Collection

Our previous Grand Hyatt takeaway went quite smoothly. The pickup was done at the hotel driveway. After more than a year’s practice, we thought that they would have improved their process further. Initially that seemed to be the case as they now ask for the vehicle number to facilitate the process. But we were mistaken.

This time round the pick-up was not at the driveway. Instead the signs diverted us into the basement carpark. We were there at the appointed time and obediently followed the signs until we reached the Drive-Through Collection sign and a table. No one was there. Then we noticed the sign on the wall to press a call button. Minutes later a person appeared.

grand hyatt takeaway review

“What’s your order number?”

“I do not have the order number with me. There is no one else here collecting. The only order for this time has to be mine. Anyway you have my vehicle number.”

“No I need the order number.”


Finally, she was able to trace our order with the handphone number. She goes back into the building and appears with our food.

grand hyatt takeaway review

Singapore Grand Hyatt Takeaway Menu

There is a wide selection of Grand Hyatt Hotel takeaway food available online. Here are sample screenshots off the Singapore Grand Hyatt Takeaway Menu. The food choices range from expensive steaks to affordable box lunches, the latter being most suitable for ordinary patrons. We selected grilled Australian grass-fed beef cheeseburger, beef rendang with rice and blue swimmer crab cakes ($12 each).

Our Grand Hyatt Box Lunch

Here is a picture of our Grand Hyatt takeaway lunch boxes They look quite attractive. The first thing we noticed was how heavy the beef rendang box was. It was packed to the brim with rice, vegetables and beef rendang.

grand hyatt takeaway review

Beef Rendang

The first thing we noticed was how heavy the beef rendang box was. It was packed to the brim with rice, vegetables and beef rendang. The portions of meat and vegetables were generous. It would have been a perfect $12 meal for a very hungry person, except that the beef was very dry. Even with the gravy provided it was a challenge to gnaw through the meat.

Beef Cheeseburger

The best item of the day was the cheeseburger. This was consistent with our previous experience. The beef patty was substantial and juicy. Together with the cheese and vegetables, it was a nice burger for $12.

Crab Cakes

We added the crab cakes to our order hopping that it would add diversity to our usual orders of burger and rice box. We found it to be very average. It is not bad but not enjoyable either, with hardly any crab taste.

The main takeaways from the experience with Grand Hyatt takeout that day are to just order the burger in the future and be prepared with the order number.

Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road, Singapore 228211


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