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Daisy’s Dream Kitchen Review: Hidden Peranakan Restaurant in Bukit Timah

Daisy’s Dream Kitchen is a cosy Peranakan restaurant in the Temasek Club, a social club located in the jungle of Bukit Timah for SAF officers and other designated personnel of the Singapore armed forces. Civilians, such as ourselves, can visit the public restaurants on the premises.

The Temasek Clubhouse is surrounded by lush greenery, with not another building in sight. Other than Daisy’s, there are other restaurants such as Spize and Dragon Phoenix Chinese restaurant. Daisy’s Dream Kitchen enjoys a prime location beside the swimming pool.

In contrast to the large modern clubhouse building, the Daisy’s Peranakan restaurant has a cosy country feel. The service was friendly and warm. The description of Daisy’s Dream Kitchen on the Club website: “... it exudes the charm of the good old days of Singapore Kampong spirit...” is quite accurate.

Daisy’s Dream Kitchen Menu

Here are sample screen shots of some pages from the Daisy’s Dream Kitchen menu. It is an extensive menu that contains many of the dishes that we commonly order at Singapore Peranakan restaurants.

Our Peranakan Lunch at Temasek Club

These were the dishes that we tried : Nonya chap chye ($12.80), babi buah keluak ($18.80), bak wan kepiting soup ($5.80) and chendol ($4.80).

The bak wan kepiting soup had four meat balls. Other than being more salty than what we would have liked it to be, it was a pleasant bowl of soup. The soup and meatballs were light yet has sufficient body and texture.

You won’t go wrong in ordering these Nyonya restaurant classics – chap chye and pork buah keluak. Both of them were as good as what we were hoping they would be. Even better when eaten with the fiery sambal belachan.

Last but not least, do not leave without trying the chendol. It was a pity that the crushed ice was not more finely ground up. Otherwise it would be a perfect Nyonya dessert to end our meal at Daisy’s Dream Kitchen at Temasek Club.


Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

Daisy’s Dream Kitchen
131 Rifle Range Road
#01-01, Temasek Club
Singapore 588406

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday: 11 am to 8 pm
Monday: Closed

Facebook Page

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If you don’t follow your dream, who will? – Emeril Lagasse

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