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News: Andre Chiang Returning to Singapore with Bon Broth

The acclaimed Chef Andre Chiang, of Restaurant ANDRE fame, is launching a brand new concept in Singapore – Bon Broth. This exciting launch is a partnership between Surrey Hills Holdings, a Singaporean grocer and lifestyle destination, and Bon Broth (Taiwan).

Bon Broth
Artist’s Impression of Bon Broth

Bon Broth promises a unique take on broths, combining French bone broths with the tradition of Chinese double-boiled soups. Developed in Chef Andre Chiang’s broth lab in Taipei, Taiwan, these broths will form the foundation of the Bon Broth experience.

The Singapore restaurant will be the first in the world to launch the Bon Broth concept. A similar concept, Broth by Andre Chiang, is currently a pop-up at Wynn Palace’s Mizumi restaurant in Macau. There, diners can sample eight home-made broths reflecting global influences, from Chinese double-boiled soup to French bouillons and Southeast Asian flavours.

“Bon Broth is a new take on our Asian dining culture and a new balanced and healthy lifestyle,” says Chef Andre Chiang, whose legendary Restaurant ANDRE Singapore, RAW Taipei, and restaurant empire across countries have won him many accolades, including the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award” by Asia 50 Best Restaurants.

Chef Andre Chiang has acted as advisor to several Singapore restaurants, including Zen, Burnt Ends and Bincho.

Artist’s Impression of Bon Broth
Artist’s Impression of Bon Broth

Bon Broth is slated to open in Raffles City during the fourth quarter of 2024. With Chef Andre Chiang’s reputation for culinary innovation and healthy living, its opening will be eagerly awaited. |


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