Joyden Canton Orchard – new Chinese restaurant in Shaw House Isetan Scotts

Joyden Canton Orchard is a new Chinese restaurant in Shaw Centre. It is run by the Joyden Concept restaurant group that has been slowly but steadily increasing their presence in Singapore. One of their sub-brands is Joyden Canton which serves Cantonese Cuisine. It opened their first outlet in the HillV2 Shopping Mall in 2015. Joyden Canton Orchard in Isetan Scotts Shaw House is the second Canton outlet.

Joyden Canton Orchard Isetan Scotts

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Chinatown Restaurant, Chinese restaurant in Chinatown Point

Chinatown Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown Point. Located on level one of this popular shopping mall in the heart of Singapore’s Chinatown, it was formerly known as Lukyu Teahouse and Restaurant. Chinatown must be the most bustling place in Singapore on a normal weekday. At lunchtime, Chinatown Point draws in the hungry crowds. Many of its food outlets and restaurants were full.  The only place with some space and peace and quiet was the Chinatown Restaurant.  We were there for a dim sum lunch recently.

Chinatown Restaurant Chinatown Point 2017

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Royal Pavilion Chinese Restaurant at Park Regis Singapore

Royal Pavilion Chinese Restaurant at Park Regis Singapore is not a new Chinese restaurant. It has been in operation for a few years, but it has not been on our dining radar, until recently. With the usual Singapore Cantonese restaurant heavyweights like Wah Lok, Summer Pavilion, Imperial Treasure and Crystal Jade always at the front of our minds, the less familiar Cantonese restaurants tend to get forgotten. We therefore made a specific effort to have lunch at Royal Pavilion Chinese Restaurant. A dive into the unknown rather than going to a familiar favourite.

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Peach Garden OCBC Centre – dim sum and Peking duck lunch

The Peach Garden OCBC Centre Chinese restaurant is an impressive place. It takes up a large space on the 33rd floor of the OCBC Bank’s head office building along Chulia Street. If the spaciousness of the place does not take your breath clear away, the clear aerial view over Singapore probably will. We were there for a sumptuous dim sum and Peking duck lunch.

Peach Garden OCBC Centre

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The Best Bo Lo Bao in Singapore

We think the best bo lo bao in Singapore can be found at the Wah Lok Restaurant in the Carlton Hotel along Bras Basah Road. Good dim sum restaurants are expected to have the basic dim sum items like char siu bao and har kao done right. Wah Lok is one restaurant that does all this plus also the very important bo lo bao. This is the place to go in Singapore when we are in the mood for bolo bao.

Wah Lok Dim Sum

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Dining Place By Chef Heman, Centrepoint Orchard Road

Dining Place By Chef Heman is a new Chinese restaurant in Centrepoint mall on Orchard Road, Singapore.  According to a 13 Sep 2016 New Paper article,  Chef Heman is an outstanding person. Overcoming serious personal setbacks earlier in life, the 48-year-old chef is now a celebrated culinary artist, ceramicist and triathlete. He was previously the executive chef of the JP Pepperdine Group, which operates restaurants such as Jack’s Place. He was appointed chief culinary officer of the Soup Restaurant Group in late 2016.

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